Why use InVideo for Video Editing?

Video Editing

5 minutes, 98% happiness

Confused? Let us break it down for you!

With 7 million customers in 190 countries, InVideo has more than 98%, happy customers, creating professional videos in less than 5 minutes. 

Rated as a leading free video editing software, InVideo is a premium tool that offers its users a list of options and assistance. 

With 92% of marketing professionals acknowledging video as an integral part of their marketing strategy, the need to stand out with professional videos is more than ever. This is where InVideo leads the game. Even if you have no or less technical knowledge, you can make professional videos in less than 5 minutes with InVideo. The easy usage, premium templates, access to a multimedia database, InVideo has everything in one place. 

Here are a few reasons why InVideo is the best free video editing software:

  • Choose your ideal mode of usage

InVideo, apart from its free video editing feature, provides added advantage of flexibility. Since everyone can have different requirements and purposes, InVideo offers three modes of usage to address everyone. These modes are:

  • Blank Template

It is for the users who want to create everything from scratch and modify the video as per their requirements.

  • Pre-Made Template

It is for the users short on time and who wish to create videos within a few minutes. InVideo provides the users with premium pre-defined templates to easily create and edit videos.

  • Text to Video

It is ideal for the users who have the script and media. There are pre-defined templates, so you only have to upload your content, and your video will be ready.

  • 5000+ Templates to choose from

There are over 5000+ templates on InVideo. From tutorials to greetings to YouTube Videos, Webinars, Testimonials, Promos, Social Media Videos, InVideo offers multiple templates for users to choose from. So, no matter how diverse and unique your requirement is, InVideo has something for everyone. Moreover, these templates reduce the workload of the video editor. 

For a beginner video editor, these beautiful templates can help you learn and execute. Apart from choosing and learning from these multiple templates, you get the ease of converting this template into desirable ratios according to the platform you wish to upload your videos. The easy-to-use editor will also assist you in customizing these templates.

  • World’s First Intelligent Video Assistant

Video editing is no cakewalk. You need to keep an eye on everything to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. InVideo covers you here as well. To ensure that you cover every parameter and perspective in your video, InVideo provides you with an Intelligent Video Assistant. 

The core purpose is to assist the free video editing process by suggesting corrections in your video. These recommendations include proper alignment, text legibility, frame equilibrium, expedient animation, dynamic motion effect, apt resizing, visual evenness, etc. Some additional reasons that make InVideo a video assistant are:

  •  Artificial Intelligence Powered
  • Analyzed and tested by evaluating
  • The technology of a kind
  • Suitable for best industry practices
  • Automated recognition engine
  • Proprietary algorithms
  • Online Live Support 24×7

Whenever you work on any free video editing online software, you have to understand, process, and figure out everything yourself. You don’t get any help from anywhere. But InVideo offers live support 24×7.

Whether it is morning or night, InVideo customer support will assist you with every sort of inconvenience. This easily accessible and round-the-clock customer service has a response time of just 2 minutes or less. This support is also available on the Facebook page of InVideo, and you can seek help with any features or even the entire platform with this life support. 

  • Multi-platform suitability

Another feature that makes InVideo an ideal editing software is multi-platform suitability. Whether you wish to create a video for Instagram or YouTube, or any other platform, InVideo offers templates for all platforms. Moreover, you can even customize the ratio of these templates according to you. The three most used ratios are: 16:9 (wide), 1:1 (square), 9:16 (vertical). Some of the platforms for which you can make a video on InVideo:

  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Easy to use editing tools

The intuitive user interface and plenty of simple tools make video editing a cakewalk on InVideo. Options like the voiceover, drag and drop editor, timeline, layers, stickers, vector shapes, and masks help you create professional videos within a short period. Moreover, InVideo also offers advanced tools to create and edit professional videos. Some tools that provide you with additional value in InVideo are:

  • Brand pre-sets
  • Asset Library
  • Mask and Collage 
  • Edit Panel: Crop, Trim, Blur, Animate, Edit image
  • Adjust Layers
  • Timeline Controls
  • Article to Video
  • Extensive Media Library

With millions of media choices, you get plenty of media for your video content. Not just that, InVideo also provides access to various platforms like iStock and Shutterstock all under one roof. So, with a premium media library of 1 million-plus, iStock Library 8 million-plus, and a standard media library of 3 million-plus, InVideo is like a database of quality pictures. Thus, InVideo is your one-stop solution to make a video that is wholesomely loaded with effects and features.

  • Pricing that suits you

InVideo offers users three categories Free, Business, and Unlimited plans. While you don’t have to incur any cost for the Free plan, the Business plan is available at $15 per month, and the Unlimited plan is available for $30 per month.

But wait! The best feature about the free plan is that it is not merely a trial; you keep access to InVideo forever. Some of the features of the free plans are:

  • The standard library of over 3M+
  • Video Templates over 5000
  • Automated text to speech
  • The maximum duration of 40 minutes

Final Word

With a multitude of options, InVideo outshines all competitors in the market. As a premium and exceptional video editing software, InVideo is one of its kind. Beginner or professional, kick start video editing with this smart assistant.

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