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Who is Maralee Nichols? Bio, Career, and More to Know

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Maralee Nichols, the ex-girlfriend of Tristan Thompson, recently took to Instagram to announce she was expecting again. People asked how Maralee Nichols and Tristan Thompson know each other. They dated in high school, but it looks like they’ve had fallout from that period in their lives. So, here’s what we know about who Maralee Nichols is, Tristan Thompson’s baby mama. And why did he get back together with Khloe Kardashian?

Maralee Nichols: Bio & Wiki

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Maralee nichols tristan thompson is a 31-year-old personal trainer from Houston, Texas. For most of her life, she’s been in Texas. Reportedly, she also retains a keen interest in real estate. Based on the photos Daily Mail share on their site, Nichols appeared heavily pregnant when she was click in November in Los Angeles. The following text message supposedly sent by Tristan says: You know how I feel. My feelings haven’t changed at all. So, I won’t involve at all. By the way, if you think having this baby will make you some money.

It’s Texas (sic), so it will be only a couple hundred dollars. So, you better off taking this 75k I offer because you won’t get nothing near that with having a kid with an unemploy father.” Speak of the lawsuit filed by Nichols, it states that she “drove him to the event in her Maserati sportscar” before they head back to his hotel where she “had a special birthday surprise” for the athlete. Reports show the alleg fun relationship five months before their breakup when Khloe discover that Tristan was reportedly caught kissing another woman name Sydney Chase on camera.

Career, Professions & Lifestyle

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Marilee nichols is a Canadian model. She has been in a relationship with NBA player Tristan Thompson, and the couple has one child. Marlene is now pregnant with her second child. Marlene Nichols began her modeling career when she was just 18 years old. She has since appeared in magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. She was feature on the cover of Maxim Canada. Marlene met Tristan Thompson, and the two have been dating ever since. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son named Prince, in December of that year. And maralee Nichols’s professions to be a model and ex-wife. But what do you think about Tristan’s child support?

It was report that Thompson owed more than $10,000 to his former girlfriend for unpaid child support for their son, who was born late. Maralee Nicols also won’t be able to see her son until he pays up – because he still owes her over $10k for unpaid child support for the child they had back. It turns out that after she filed the suit against him last month, he upped his monthly payments from $2,500 to 3,500 but never followed through with paying off the outstanding balance. Plus, there’s no word on whether or not this will affect her role as stepmom to their 1-year-old son prince.

Watch Khloe defend him again’, says Twitter


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Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to defend her boyfriend Tristan Thompson after he was accusing of a deadbeat dad. Maralee Nichols, the mother of his child, said that he has failed to pay child support for their son. Khloe said that Tristan is a great father and has always been there for his son. She also noted that Maralee is just trying to get attention and that she should be ashamed of herself. Twitter users quickly pointed out that Khloe has always defended Tristan, even when he has done something wrong.

Others praised Khloe for standing up for her man and urged people not to judge without knowing all the facts about what had happened between them. They said they understood why she would stand up for him because they would do the same thing if they were in her position. Some people argued that it doesn’t matter how much money he sends because he still owes around $30,000 in back payments, but others pointed out that maybe his lawyer didn’t work on his behalf or filed paperwork incorrectly on his behalf.

What have they said about each other?


miralee nicholsTristian Thompson and marilee nichols have not said much about each other in the public eye. However, in recent months, there have been increasing rumors that the two are expecting another child together. While neither party has confirmed or denied these rumors, sources close to the couple say that they are indeed expecting and are extremely happy about it. This will be their second child, as they also have a daughter who was born.

It is unclear how this new pregnancy may affect Thompson’s child support payments to his former girlfriend, Jordan Craig. He pays $2,500 monthly to care for his first son with Craig, Prince James. As of right now, this rumor remains unconfirmed by either party involved. Regardless, if true, we can only hope both parties will agree on child support and custody rights without resorting to legal action.

What did Tristan Thompson say on Instagram?

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Tristian thompson took to Instagram to announce that he and his girlfriend Maralee Nichols are expecting their second child together. God Bless you all! The couple already has a two-year-old son named Prince, and this will be the first for Nichols. They dated, but it seems they’re now engaged, as she wore a diamond ring on her left hand during a Good Morning America earlier this week.

The pair seemed happy about the new addition to their family when they sat down for an interview with ABC News’ Deborah Roberts. I’m so excite, said Thompson when asked how he feels about having another child. He added that I love kids and have fun with my son every day. It’s just incredible. When Roberts pointed out that this would make him a father of three, Thompson laughed and replied: I can’t wait!

How did Maralee Nichols and Tristan meet?


The two met in college together and started dating shortly after. Maralee.nichols became pregnant with their first child, while they were still in college. Since then, the couple has had two more children together, a daughter named True, and a son named Prince. Unfortunately, Maralee and Tristan embroile in a nasty child support battle for years, with maralee nichols accusing Tristan of not paying his fair share. Only recently did he make headlines when he reveals that he had secretly father another woman’s three-month-old baby boy during his relationship with Maralee.

It doesn’t seem to stop him from fathering another child, though. As he announces this week that his girlfriend Danielle is also pregnant with their second child. Despite all the drama, she says she has forgiven him because it’s what God told her to do. She said that she knew her current pregnancy would happen because she took an at-home pregnancy test before her appointment with her doctor. I felt so much relief! she said about finding out about her pregnancy. There are many different types of people in the world; some people don’t know how to take care of themselves and don’t want anything to do with responsibility. Some people live by what will happen, which is how my life goes anyways.

Does Tristan pay child support?

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As the father of two children, it’s no surprise that Tristan Thompson pays child support. However, many people don’t know that he spends quite a bit on child support each month. According to The Blast, one source revealed that Tristan supports his kids tremendously and has never missed any payments. Tristan does not comment on his personal life. Miralee nichols doesn’t seem to be aware of this information either, as she seems surprised when reporters ask her about Tristan’s payments during an interview. I’m sorry, but I really can’t answer that question.

She said before quickly changing the subject. When pressed further, she got visibly uncomfortable and upset. Some sources speculate that Maralee could be hiding something about her relationship with Tristan or may not have known about his child support payment habits. We know that there will always be drama between these two lovebirds; they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

Why is Maralee Nichols famous?

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Maralee Nichols is famous for being the mother of Tristan Thompson’s child. She is also famous for being a model and an Instagram influencer. Maralee nichols has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, where she often posts photos of herself and her son. She has also been featured in several magazines, including Vogue and Elle. Maralee nichols is currently pregnant with her second child. After news of her pregnancy surfaced, many wondered if Tristan would also provide financial support to his second-born child.

When contacted by TMZ Sports about it, he replied: No comment. However, according to reports from TMZ Sports and the Hollywood Gossip, not only did he know about Maralee’s pregnancy, but he offered to provide financial support to his unborn child. He will reportedly pay child support if she does not release more photos or videos of their son online without his consent.

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