September 24, 2023

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What does having the most chips in card games mean? Learn the rules

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Are you curious about chips in card games? Do you know what chips are in card games? You must be having many questions related to chips in card games but you will get all the answers in this article. Just read this article and make yourself a pro in card games and how you can use them to become a master in online gaming.

Chips in card games

Chips are used for easy play in the games and these are equivalent to cash. Chips are only required when rummy deals involve cash in the games. All the players must bring chips whenever there is a cash rummy deal. There is a rule for the addition and deduction of the chips in the game. The number of chips is already decided as to when to deduct how many chips and when to credit how many wishes and according to wines and losses, the cash will be either credit or debit.

Types of chips

There are mainly three types of chips that can be used in the games. These three types of Chips make the rummy deal quite an interesting one.

  • Practice Chips: 

These Practice Chips are free to use. You can Practice the card games on the gaming platform. There are almost 10,000 chips deposited by the gaming platforms to ease the playing. After some time, when these Chips are exhausted, by clicking on reloading another chip will come. This is quite a task to have rummy deals. The players will get numerous chips and when the players lose the practice games he can debit their Practice Chips and when he wins the game, these Practice Chips will be credited to his account.

  • Real Chips: 

The real chips are used in the real games where cash is used. To get real chips, players need to deposit the cash by payment options such as Paytm, Phonepe, Google Pay, etc. If you want to play a real game, it is mandatory to purchase chips. By using these chips, you can win real cash as well as other exciting rewards.

  • Tournament Chips:

These types of chips are used in the tournament when there is the multiplayer mode. These chips are needed to register with an account for multi-table tournaments. These chips are quite different from others. There might be different values of chips as it is required to be of uniform value for the Rummy Deals. When you play the online game in leading gaming apps like Getmega, then you get a chance to have a large number of chips with you.

Rummy deals

Rummy Deals are quite an interesting variant of rummy. It is one of the traditional card games. It is played between two players to six players and a maximum of two decks of playing cards are used in rummy deals in this game. Players decide all the rules before the game to avoid any conflict among the players. Each player will have quite a good number of chips and the player with the highest chips at the end of the game will be considered the winner in the particular game.

The number of deals and the number of chips are decided before the beginning of the game so the main aim of a rummy deal is to just form the sequences by melding cards. And to declare your winning or your sequences, it is mandatory to have two sequences and one of them must be a pure sequence. 

When your cards are arranged, you can finish your rummy deal by discarding the 14th card. After this, you can declare your hand. If it is valid, then you have won the game and if you choose to end the game, then you will be considered as a weak hand or bad hand. It is recommended that you should at least play the game to the end.

In Rummy Deals, you just have to keep in mind that the maximum number of chips will lead you to win and the player, which will leave the deal will be considered as a bad hand. So, to be a winner, you have to play the round till the end.


Now, you must understand the meaning of chips and the types of chips. Chips are quite useful in the rummy deal. It becomes quite a complicated game if the players involve real cash in the game while playing as most of the players try to trick the game. So, to avoid any mishaps, it is good to use Chips and according to that, your winning amount will be credited to your account. 

The Rummy Deal is one of the games which can be played only with chips. However, if you are looking to play these games you can consider the Getmega gaming platform. It is one of the best platforms to provide different card games. Even if you are a beginner, you can play this game in Getmega as it is designed for both amateur players as well as pro players.

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