September 24, 2023

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What are the two traditional games? Learn their origin, rules, and more here

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Poker and Rummy

Do you know what traditional games are? Traditional games are mainly old classic games that have been around for a long time and what’s better than card games?

Poker and Rummy are considered the two traditional card games. Both games originated from different parts of the world and have spread all over the globe. 

These games of Poker and Rummy have not only bonded people from everywhere but have also entertained us for years. They are played at festivals, weddings, kitty parties, and other celebratory gatherings.

Let’s learn about the two traditional games of Poker and Rummy through this article:

Origin of Poker

The origin of the Poker Card game is believed to date back to the 10th century as a domino-card game in China. Some historians like to believe that it has evolved from a Persian Card game known as As Nas played in the 16th century.

Historians have found many versions of the game throughout the European continent, like Primero in Spain, Poque in France, and Pochen in Germany. All these games involved betting and bluffing as popular strategies. But the game of Poker we play today is believed to have originated in the 1800s by the French settlers on the banks of the Mississippi River. Soon the game spread all over the US and became popular as a pastime activity in saloons. 

Today, the game has gone online and can be played anywhere conveniently using platforms such as Getmega, where it is easy to play and navigate. 

Origin of Rummy

It is widely accepted that the game of Rummy originated from Cinquain, a Mexican game that dealt with 40 Spanish cards and included melding mechanics in the late 19th century.

Both of the games are similar and were played all around the world with almost the same rules and a few variations. It became very famous in England, America, and India. 

There have been talks that the game of Rummy originated in France by the influence of Poker. Both games have gained worldwide popularity and can be played with family and friends on video chat with real money now on amazing platforms such as Getmega. 

Rules of the games

  • Poker

It requires a minimum of 2 players and more than 5 players can play. There are many variations of poker like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Lo, 5 card draw, Horse Poker, and many others. But in mainstream poker, Texas Hold’em and Omaha there are very popular variants.

  • Check:

If the player is not active, then the betting opportunity will be transferred to the next player, which is sitting clockwise. Also, a round will be considered complete even if some players haven’t bet.

  • Fold:

If players have forfeited their cards, then they can’t win or act during the present hand.

  • Raise:

The players are allowed to raise even if other players have bet during the round. If players want to stay in hand, then they have to raise again and again.

  • Rummy

Rummy can be played by 2 to 6 players using a standard deck of 52 cards in each with the joker. Every player is given 13 cards in the beginning.

  1. The remaining cards which are not dealt with are kept at the table. The cards in the closed deck are kept down the face. The top card from the table is picked up and placed face-up on the table. That forms the open deck where players have to keep their cards.
  2. A card is chosen as the wild joker. All the remaining cards are of the old initial value.
  3. After each round, you need to pick a card from the deck at the center and keep a card at the open deck.
  4. You have to arrange all the cards in order to form pure or irregular sequences and sets.
  5.  The player who first calls wins the game.

Similarities between Poker and Rummy

Both Rummy and Poker have been very popular throughout the world for centuries. They have attracted a huge cluster of players. Both the games required a good set of skills, reasoning, and strategies. 

Let’s discuss other similarities between the games:

  1. No. of Players: Both the games require a minimum of two players, you do not need to have large groups to play them. 
  2. Skillset: Both games require skills like critical reasoning with practice instead of luck. 
  3. Fold: You can do this whenever you want.
  4. Dealers: Both the games have dealers. The dealer has to deal with the cards to start the game and then make sure that the game is going smooth and clean without any foul play. In live gaming, the dealers also keep calculations of the pot and scores.
  5. Target: In both of these games, you need to form sets and sequences.
  6. Winning Criteria: The winner has to show cards and get them verified by the dealer. To win the players have to arrange and assess the cards. 


Both Poker and Rummy are very entertaining and challenging. Both the games have a very interesting history. These traditional games have changed a lot through the changing times. They both are hailed to be the most common card games played online as well as offline. Nowadays, various  gaming platforms allow you to develop your skill set and make real cash. On Getmega, you can connect with your family and pals and play Poker and Rummy among many games available. 

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