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Ugly Sonic the Hedgehog’s Worst Dream

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ugly sonic

The first trailer for ugly sonic the Hedgehog was release, causing massive backlash and outrage among fans. And it has been revealed that the new Sonic will have an original design, unlike his old method, which was closer to his original design of the video games. It’s pretty apparent why this change would happen because Sonic old design from the video games already use in 3 previous sonic movies, while this new one hasn’t use before, so that it would fresh and original.

The Old name of Ugly sonic

sonic the hedgehog movie original design

Sonic was initially called Sonic first, and his original design was much different than what he looks today. The original ugly sonic was brown and had a rounder body shape with big eyes, two big teeth sticking out of his mouth, a furry tail, and no visible legs. His personality was also vastly different, move slower and was generally more kind-heart than his modern counterpart. This design of ugly Sonic resembled the appearance of a hedgehog, where he got his name. The sonic first design has been criticized for being bland, but this might have been because it was still new to the world back then, and people hadn’t developed opinions about him yet.

In short, Sonic first design just looked like a simple colour fur ball that couldn’t move very fast and sounded too happy to be taken seriously. But Sonic old design had all these features that made Sonic himself! He didn’t have arms or legs. Ugly Sonic was a little chubby and cute. And if you think about it, Sonic would be much easier to catch if he didn’t talk! So sure, they don’t look nearly as cool as their modern counterparts, but the original designs were way better than what we end up with.

What happened to the Old Sonic design?

sonic original design

Sega wants to age up Sonic for a more mature audience and make him look like something else (other than Mario), and a sleeker design gives them wiggle room to do that. However, they forget one thing in their plans, original sonic design is already popular among adults! He should be able to enjoy by all ages. But changing ugly sonic design just because it’s what other games are doing doesn’t make sense. It also seems hypocritical of Sega to make fun of Sony for changing their original designs when they do it too.

When I saw Sonic Mania release at E3 last year. you were thrill that they were bringing back the classic style. However, then you see how ugly sonic Forces looks. And you remember this is just another cash grab from SEGA so they can rip off another game franchise. I want ugly sonic the hedgehog movie’s original design to return to its roots and not keep moving away from who he was made to be. On the other hand, an edgy anti-hero fighting against evil forces who want nothing more than total domination.

Why did they change Ugly Sonic design?

sonic old design

The old sonic design was much better, and new design of ugly sonic is weird. I don’t know why Sega changed it, but I think it’s going with a more realistic trend. It doesn’t make sense because Sonic is inaccurate anyway, so who cares if he looks natural? But they should have left the original Sonic design alone. Because it was great, especially the spikes on his back that had tails on them when he got angry. The colour schemes in Sonic’s original design were also cool. How different the new Sonic games are from the old ones. How could people like this new Sonic game better than the old one when there are no more levels where you could get lost for hours? The latest ugly sonic takes only five minutes, and you’re done.

The backstory to the Sonic 2 movie

sonic movie original design

Sonic has in a lot on TV, but he’s never starre in his movie. That changes when Sonic the Hedgehog will release in theatres for the first time. Sonic two is a live action/CGI hybrid that stars Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik (aka Eggman) and James Marsden as ugly sonic. It also features Tika Sumpter, who plays Sonia Sonic the Hedgehog. This new design for ugly sonic isn’t what many people expected, but it looks pretty cool. Sonic was always ugly, so I can understand why they decided to make him prettier.

This makes me wonder how different this Sonic would have look if his original design were used instead. Sonic old design made him likeable to kids back then. Because he looks like a teenager, not some weird-looking animal with a long tongue and claws. But, of course, I’m sure plenty of people are mad about this redesign no matter what happens, so we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out!

Who’s the bit twin-tailed fox in the Sonic 2 trailer?

sonic movie old design

It is tails and he’s older than he looks. This much-loved sidekick first appeared video game sequel Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Where his mechanical and aviation skills prove invaluable in the fight against Eggman. But, to casual players at least, he officially introduces in Sonic Adventure as Sonic’s longtime buddy and sidekick. Since then, he’s star in numerous ugly sonic titles – often alongside other fan favourites, including Knuckles, Amy and Shadow and a handful of games devote to his adventures. However, he also serves as an essential member of Team Freedom during Sega’s ill-fate MMO, Project: Genesis, although I’d advise you not to ask anyone how that went. Tails have also starred in several TV shows for kids and grown-ups alike. So, here’s your complete guide to who he is and what he does.

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The other baddies in the cast of Sonic 2

sonic movie first design

The Sonic 2 trailer reveals Doctor Eggman has brought backup to ensure he’s not foiled again. It’s a welcome back to Agent Stone, once again play by Lee Majdoub and was only too happy to quit his barista job and pick back up with his old boss. Like any self-respecting evil genius, Eggman is packing an army of mechanical nasties, including a drone swarm that buzzes ugly sonic during a memorable snowboarding chase. But the Doc’s deadliest henchman in the Sonic 2 movie must be Knuckles: A brimstone-red echidna (a spiny cross between an anteater and a hedgehog) voice with a Latin twang by Idris Elba. You get Sonic’s speed, Knuckles’ super strength and we just put them in an environment and let them go at it,” says director Jeff Fowler.

It’s a little like Captain America and Iron Man. It offers so much opportunity in fight choreography and action. Fowler says the rivalry between Sonic. And Knuckles is there from the start. And their differing fight styles create some fun challenges for us. While Sonic likes to use his skateboard as transport and weapon, Knuckles relies on brute force. When one combatant gets on top of the other. Therefore, they must figure out how to get off without killing themselves or their opponent.

How good is Jim Carrey in Sonic 2?

sonic first design

You can say the real star of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the blue hedgehog himself. However, the trailer leads one to believe that the next movie with Jim Carrey in the lead as Doctor Eggman will be his most insane role since The Mask. The comedian’s rubber-faced facial expressions hit home with audiences. His signature comedy routine involving dance. And twirling a fake moustache was such a hit that the actor who help popularize him, Adam Sandler, found the motivation to live-tweet his friend’s performance in real-time.

I was telling him how funny he was while it was going on. Now, the Sonic 2 movie lets Carrey off the leash – and the actor has been waiting. “I would reprise the role in a heartbeat,” he told Capital Radio. Because he not yet fully evolves. So that’s something we were very excit about letting Jim go a little bit more full-on Eggman in terms of a little more unhinge.

Are knuckles a boy or a girl?

original sonic

Knuckles supposed to be female in Sonic X. But Sega of America change it because they didn’t want to confuse people with Sonic and Sally. The original design for Sonic in Sonic 1 was brown and white. So, I think the original sonic design from sonic x would be great. On the other hand, some fans have even permit to create their sonic character designs and post them on Twitter! And before you judge them. Please know that they are not just trying to make Sonic look like something he isn’t- many are trying to make Sonic more realistic. Plus, we can always go back to the original sonic design if we get tired of this new one.

Sonic must live up to his name- Sonic needs to be fast as heck and super furry! If his fur were brush better, then sonic would look different. The old Sonic design is so much better. Because it has a simpler colour scheme, no nose freckles. Different eyes/eye colour and doesn’t forget about the crazy colours on his feet which seem unique in some situations. All the characters used nowadays lack personality, in my opinion.

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