Types of air conditioning systems and their benefits

Finding the right air conditioning system is tough because you will get millions of options when you search online. More options create more confusion. Summers and humid climates become unbearable and uncomfortable because of excess heat and humidity. An air conditioning system is used to cool down the inside temperature by removing extra humidity and heat from the room.  Here is a list of different types of air conditioning systems that help you to choose the right one for you.

Central air conditioning system

A central air conditioning system is efficient for large spaces where cooling is required for multiple rooms at one time. The AC units work through the split system that regulates air through the duct hence it is also known as the ducted system.


The cool the whole area that is connected through a duct at once creates a regulated and cool environment in less time. With the circulation of cooler air, the humidity decreases and provides an overall comfortable environment.

Window air conditioner

Window air conditioners are available in various sizes according to the requirement of the room. They are preferred to cool small spaces to meet size spaces. The cooling capacity of window air conditioners is extraordinary and regarded as a common type of air conditioner.


They are cost-efficient and cheaper to operate. The installation and maintenance of window air conditioners are easy and they do not occupy floor space.

Ductless mini split air conditioner

If you wish for a ductless system and want a better cooling efficiency than the ductless mini split your conditioner is for you. They are a good choice for contemporary homes and buildings. They consist of a compressor and condenser and an indoor unit that is mounted on the wall with an equipped air blower.


The benefit of this type of your conditioner is that it can be installed anywhere without any ductwork and the temperature is monitored individually.

Portable air conditioner

The portable air conditioner is one of the greatest inventions in air conditioning. They are similar to window air conditioners as they are single-unit systems with enclosed components. The difference between them is that portable air conditioners consist of free-standing units and can be moved according to convenience. They just need a power outlet and a window where exhausted air can escape.


The benefit of portable air conditioners is that they are easy to set up and movable around the space, also convenient to keep away when not required. They don’t need a permanent installation and are an effective option for sport cooling. 


An air conditioning system is a necessity due to increasing temperature and pollution. The air filters keep the area cool and clean which is important to reduce health risks like heat stroke, asthma attacks, insects and parasite infection. With the variety of air conditioning systems, you can choose the one that is for you.

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