Twisted Hemp wraps Honey Citrus

The non-tobacco Twisted Hemp wraps Honey Citrus is a great way to enjoy your herbs. With each wrap, the edges are twisted before cutting for a clean closure. It comes in a single pack or a box. Each package contains 15 packets.

The Honey Citrus flavor of the Twisted Premium Hemp Wrap is sure to please your palate. This infusion will give you the sensation of eating a cold summer honey citrus on a beautiful day while sipping it.


Do you like rolling your cigarettes in cigar wrappers, but you don’t want the taste or buzz of the tobacco to overpower the flavor of your favorite herbs and spices? Sometimes it’s difficult to find a better option, particularly when little rolling papers just do not offer the same sensation as a traditional fatty. 

With all-natural hemp cigar wraps, you may now enjoy a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cigar wrap. When you consider that tobacco-based wraps have been connected to an increased risk of heart attacks, chronic lung illness, stroke, cervical and kidney cancer, as well as damaged blood vessels in the past, it’s easy to see why people want to stick with the old school.

Blend loops of hemp:

Designer Hemp Blends are used with Twisted Hemp to create this look. Introducing Twisted Hemp’s Honey Citrus, their newest creation! Because they are founded on what other people have told us, you may put your faith in them. These wraps feature Twisted cut edges that are manufactured from single source hemp and all-natural flavors to provide a tight seal while rolling. They do not include any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Within this set, there are 15 resealable plastic packets. In each bag, two wraps are containing high-quality Tips.

Parent-gifted Tupperware

When not in use, it’s important to keep your hemp wraps tidy and out of the way of other things. Because hemp wraps dry up quickly and must be kept in an airtight container, a mason jar, a large storage jar, or that parent-gifted Tupperware (sorry, mum) will all work well as storage containers. Don’t forget to include a source of humidity while storing your items. To avoid the deadly tear while rolling your next wrap, use a Hydrostone or a wet paper towel to prevent it from happening. They keep their freshness for a longer length of time as compared to traditional papers, which must be frozen to maintain their freshness. This may accelerate their dehydration, and once again, we are trying to avoid the catastrophe of your covers ripping and collapsing.

Twisted hemp is a kind of hemp that has been twisted

Wraps made of designer hemp blends with twisted hemp edging Made from the highest quality hemp Twisted Hemp Designer Blends are a new product from Twisted Hemp. We took the original blend and modified it to make it more appealing to the smoking community’s tastes. Designer Blends is the highest quality type of Single Sources Hemp available on the market, distinguishing us from the competition. Smash Hemp is the game-changer in this situation.


Take one Twist Hemp Wrap out of the package and carefully unfold it. Insert your herbs inside the Twisted Hemp Wrap once it has been carefully removed. After the filling is complete, curl the edge of the wrapper to seal it. Moistening the twisted cut edges with water can help to illuminate them.

This product is made entirely of hemp wraps that are free of tobacco and nicotine.


  • The twisted cut edges of each wrap provide a perfect closure on each roll of toilet paper.
  • What You Should Do:
  • Take one Twist Hemp Wrap out of the package and set it aside. Gently pry it open.
  • Once the Twisted Hemp Wrap has been opened, carefully place your herbs within the wrap before closing it.
  • After the filling is complete, curl the edge of the wrapper to seal it.
  • After moistening the twisted cut edges with water, it’s time to switch on the lights!


Honey Citrus Organic Hemp Twisted Wrap 15 packs of 2 wraps each Height x Width: 15 inches x 15 inches Millimeters are used to measure distances. Hemp wraps are produced from the highest-quality hemp available. These wraps come with two sheets, two filters, and a packing stick, so you have everything you need in one package. It will be possible to enjoy your herb with the roll without it dominating the taste since there will be only a hint of berry flavor in the mix. 

High Hemp is one of the best products available on the market since it is organic, vegan, and free of pesticides and growth boosters. Wrapping yourself in one of these wraps will give you a fresh, clean dose that you may enjoy with a friend.

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