September 24, 2023

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Top 20 Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour In USA in 2021

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It might be difficult to find a job opportunity that pays $20 per hour or more in 2021. If you are an ambitious professional without a degree, you can choose many high-paying jobs positions that need specialized people in their industries. They should demand candidates with years of experience in their industries. Considering this, it’s a popular delusion that you need a university degree to get a well-paying job. But there are many high-paying jobs near you accessible to those without a university degree in several fields. 

Here are 20 high-paying jobs without degrees in this post that pay $20 per hour or more.

  • Delivery Driver

Picking up food or shopping orders and delivering them to customers’ doorsteps is part of delivery drivers’ jobs near you. With delivery jobs, anyone can make more per hour by delivering food and groceries.

DoorDash and Uber Eat, for example, allow you to deliver meals by bike, scooter, or car.

With Amazon, you can deliver orders to customers’ doorstep with your own vehicle.

You may also consider delivering goods to individuals for firms like Instacart and GoPuff.

  • Truck Driver 

Job seekers who love to be on the wheels for long times, truck driving jobs are really for them. To be a truck driver, a job seeker needs only a high school diploma to a GED diploma to apply for these jobs near you. Job opportunities for truck drivers pay well with other benefits, such as health insurance, paid time off, etc.

  • The cab driver 

Nowadays, there are ridesharing jobs that fall under well-paying jobs in 2021. Job seekers who have excellent driving skills with one year of driving experience without any violation in their driving record are a good fit for these jobs near you. Driver jobs pay more than $20 per hour or more based on your driving skills and experience.

  • Elevator Installers and Repairers

Because of the growing number of structures of buildings, many corporations need these workers. Elevator repairer and installer jobs in high-demand jobs nowadays. The firms pay top dollar to keep skilled employees in. This is one of the high-paying jobs among others with a competitive salary that is higher than any other.

  • Transportation Inspectors

A transportation inspector is a unique individual who is in charge of all transportation activities. Trucks, often known as road transport, are the most efficient means of transporting physical and immaterial goods from one state to another. The position of inspection officer is not very frequent, yet it is one of the best high-paying jobs.

  • Fireman 

Becoming a fireman is the best high-paying job if you’re searching for a challenging and exciting job near you. These fireman job opportunities also help the community. These job opportunities come with a competitive salary and benefits package. 

  • Electrician jobs 

Every day, electricians are needed all around near you. You might establish your own company, work as a freelance electrician, or use apps for these freelance jobs near you. Job seekers may apply to industries that want competitive salaries with benefits.

  • Caretaker and Babysitter 

You may work as a babysitter or a caretaker if you have a talent for assisting people. It’s a job near you because you’ll be spending your time helping individuals who are in need. You can earn well by doing babysitting or taking care of people with no higher education.

  • Field Sales Representative 

If you don’t enjoy sitting in an office all day, being a field sales executive might be the right fit for you to start your career. You will meet your clients in person rather than chatting to them over the phone, and you will persuade them to buy your items. The compensation is decent, and it improves as you gain experience with these job opportunities.

  •  Shop Manager jobs 

You can make a livelihood out of it if you enjoy hanging out at the mall or other shopping centers. With the number of malls and large stores growing, the demand for a shop floor manager is also growing job opportunities without any professional degree.

  •  Surgical technologist

Surgical technologists’ primary responsibilities include sanitizing equipment and organizing instruments in operating rooms. Anyone can apply for these jobs near you if you want to work in the health sector. They may also lend a hand to physicians if necessary.

  •  Sales representative 

Sales representatives jobs near you for anyone who is good at convincing people. These jobs’ primary responsibilities include selling goods and services to consumers. These job opportunities require strategic tactics, such as cold calling, training, and educational presentations.

  •  Plumber

Plumbing fixtures, such as pipes, valves, fittings, drainage systems, and water systems. These jobs are planned, designed, installed, repaired, and maintained by plumbers. Anyone can work as a freelancer or be a part of an organization.

  •  Mechanics and Service Technicians for Aircraft 

Any candidate wishes to start a career in mechanics or technician in the aircraft industry. They could diagnose, adjust, repair, or rebuild engines and assemblies, such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. These mechanics are known as aircraft specialists. Helicopter and aircraft engine specialists make an average of $20 or more per hour.

  •  Operators and Stationary Engineers 

Job seekers who want to start a career as an operator in various industries may consider these job positions. These jobs don’t require any higher degree to apply for. These jobs also consider high-paying jobs with $20 or more on average.

  •  A detective or investigator 

Job seekers engage private investigators to do research and gather information on certain people or entities. Job opportunities are growing these days because there are more people who contact private detective groups to solve their problems.

  •  Route drivers 

Route drivers’ primary responsibilities include transporting supplies and equipment securely and in accordance with organizational regulations. They may work for postal firms or other businesses that deliver on a regular basis.

  •  Solar installer 

Solar installers establish the infrastructure for photovoltaic solar panels and link them to electrical networks before installing them on houses, buildings, and other structures.

  •  Insurance agent 

Insurance agents’ primary responsibilities include selling insurance plans to safeguard clients’ vehicles, houses, belongings, health, and lives, among other things.

  •  Audio-visual technicians 

Job opportunities for audio-visual (AV) technicians are high-paying jobs. They build, maintain, and monitor sound and video equipment that is used to record or conduct live events such as concerts, sporting events, and conventions.


Anyone can start generating money right now with their skills without a college degree. Job seekers check the jobs mentioned above and choose the one that best suits them.

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