September 24, 2023

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Tips to get the most out of your vape battery

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vape battery

Your battery may not last long as you expected due to some reasons. To ensure your battery is fully maximised, you have to follow the following tips.

Avoid overcharging

Overcharging your battery will not permit you to use the device for an extended period. To avoid this, once the device indicates the light on charging, then it’s fully charged. Once you see that your battery does not need further charging, it has reached its maximum voltage.

Check your battery for damage regularly.

For battery safety, It’s important to occasionally check any damage signs. Tear and wear or age is an essential habit to practice for maintenance—In case of any problem with your battery, it is essential not to use it again and replace it immediately.

Avoid discharging your batteries completely.

The longevity of the batteries and, to some extent, safety can be interfered with once you keep on draining them. It’s advisable to recharge them once this happens.

Turn off your E-Cigarette device after each use.

Some particular amount of power will repeatedly be drained from the battery unless the e-cigarette is fully turned off. This damages the battery with time hence reducing its overall lifespan. To get the best out of it’s good that whenever you are not using, power off your e-cigarette. 

Regularly use E-Cigarette

Like any other electronic when not used regularly, your battery will lose power faster if it’s under-used.

Using your e-cigarette regularly will ensure it’s working to its best ability.

Clean your batteries

Vape battery gets dirty easily as your walk around with it, moving them in and out of the pocket and sometimes pour e-liquid on them. This means that they need consistent cleaning. The device is weaker when connected to the dirty battery. This is pressurizing the battery to work more to produce enough power. Keeping your batteries clean will improve the performance and lifespan.

Learning more about battery safety and how to utilize it.

Battery charging

Charging batteries is easy, but it is recommended to use a dedicated charger for quick charging and prolong its lifespan.

Battery Storage and protection

You should not overcharge your batteries since it will run them down and reduce their capacity in the long run. The same applies to undercharging.

E-liquid and vape batteries

There are many ways to keep your batteries going for long after charging. Also, there are several reasons for your vape batteries to wear down faster than normal, and e-liquid is one of them. Some e-liquid blends need more heating power to turn into vapor. Therefore, your battery will last for a short period.

Use a thinner vape liquid since it requires less heat hence less power from your battery.

Hardware and batteries.

Your batteries can drain faster when you use high wattages in your vape device. It is recommended to use less power output to keep the batteries last longer. Additionally, you can use higher-PG e-liquid to improve batteries‘ lifespan.

Select a well-known and trusted battery brand when shopping. It is tempting to buy cheap batteries, but it will cost you in the long run in terms of lifespan and performance.

The above tips will give you the most out of your batteries and safety while using them. Do not hesitate when it is time to replace your worn-out batteries.

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