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The King of the Hill Reboot: Facts To Know So Far

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king of the hill reboot

Rumors of a King of the Hill reboot started swirling in late, and it looks like it’s finally happening! But what do we know so far? What is it called? When will it be released? Who will voice the characters? We’ve got answers to these questions and more. If you want to know everything there is to know about the upcoming King of the Hill reboot, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are all the juicy details about everything that has happened so far with this reboot and any news about where it’s going from here!

The Behind Story

why was king of the hill cancelled

King of the Hill is an animated sitcom. The show was initially created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels and centres around Hank Hill, his family, and their neighbors in Arlen, Texas. The series follows Hank as he tries to balance his family life with his job at Strickland Propane, where he works as a sales representative. King of the Hill won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after 13 seasons, but it’s rumored that Fox will release a reboot.

There is no official release date yet, but we have some guesses thanks to a leaked script if you’re wondering if King of the Hill is a sequel or if all the voice actors are coming back. Then this list should help clear up any questions you might have. 1) king of the Hill is canceled, so there won’t be any newer episodes, but this doesn’t mean we’ll never see these characters again. 2) The show’s cancellation came about because producers wanted to explore other ideas and didn’t want to get stuck repeating themselves 3) It seems like most people don’t think the King of the Hill reboot would do well because there are other shows similar in tone.

King of the hill reboot getting revived

why did king of the hill end

King of the Hill was initially canceled, but it was recently announced that Fox is looking to revive it! The reboot would be a sequel and not a remake. In other words, all your favorite characters will return. For example, Hank, Peggy, Bobby, Bill, Boomhauer, and Dale will all be back in their original roles! And many more characters to come. However, the King of the hill reboot will have some changes from the old one. For example, the movie King of the Hill has been halted for years, so they need new voice actors to play these characters because most are too old or gone. Production will start soon for the King of the hill reboot. Rumors for the season will also begin soon!

Is there a new king of the hill season? No, this time we’re pretty sure this isn’t fake news. King of the hill reboot coming next year was an April Fool’s joke on Cartoon Network, with an adult swim showing King Of The Hill All Grown Up. There’s a lot you probably don’t know about King of the Hill right now, like what year it starts. When did King of the Hill end? Who did Tom Kenny replace George Lindsey? Why does Tom Kenny speak like CatDog?

Possible release date of the king of the hill reboot

new king of the hill

A lot of people think so. The King of the Hill Cancelled subreddit is filled with posts speculating on a king of the hill reboot and looking for evidence to support it. If you go to Google and type in Karen Berstein’s King of The Hill Movie, you will find many articles discussing how this might be happening. Fox cancels King of The Hill to make room for more live-action TV shows. But now that all their new sitcoms have been canceled, they are back at square one! They would need more live-action TV shows, but most are gone now! It leaves room for King or queen in a town show.

Which is why I think we will get a remake or revival soon! It would if I had to guess when the King of the Hill Reboot 2022 release date will come out soon. Fox seems like they want to release something like this. It could also come out as early as if we look at when other live-action reboots came out. It may not take as long for this show to come back. All these points suggest the possibility that the King of the Hill Reboot 2022 release date might happen.

The voice actors in King of the Hill Reboot

is king of the hill coming back

Mike Judge would be available to voice Hank Hill. Many other characters in the original run are still in the business. However, Brittany Murphy, the voice of Luanne, passed away shortly after the airing of the final season. We’ll have to wait and see whether they’ll recast or write that character off. Brittany Murphy, who provided Luanne’s voice for nine seasons, died. That leaves David Herman and Johnny Hardwick as voice actors who with King of The Hill since its start. It seems unlikely that new voice actors would replace them if any replacement were done. Therefore, we can assume that Hardwick and Herman will voice Peggy, Bill, Boomhauer, and Dale, respectively.

King Of The Hill’s Revival Could Be About

king of the hill new season

Fox has released no official word on what the King of The Hill revival could be about, but a few ideas are floating around. One is that it will be a sequel to the show and pick up where it left off. Another is that it will be an all-new show with a new group of characters living in Arlen, Texas. And some think that it will only have limited episodes. Much like Arrested Development. Gilmore Girls and the X-Files did before returning for full seasons on Netflix. It’s tough to say which one (or if any) of these options Fox intends to pursue with this reboot. But we’ll know soon enough when they announce! In their initial press release, Fox made clear that this new series will explore topical issues with a uniquely acerbic wit.

Where Will King of The Hill Air?

king is preparing cancellation

A return to the FOX network would be understandable, but without success in negotiations, this is more unlikely. Instead, the revival may air on Netflix or another streaming service. The series is streamable on Hulu, making it possible to stream somewhere other than FOX. Neither King of the Hill’s creators have provided any show details beyond a time jump. With this concept, there are many possibilities for the revival’s plot, as the older Hill family and friends will face new challenges.

Moreover, the revival has the potential to definitively conclude the series, especially considering it is not the only project Judge or Daniels are producing. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniels explains that he and Judge intend to have “more of a supervisory rol to help other people achieve their visions.” In addition, King of the Hill’s original ending come unexpectedly for both creators, meaning the revival could be Judge and Daniels’ farewell to the series before moving on to new productions.

Why was the King of the hill reboot canceled?

king of the hill 2022

King of the Hill maintain consistently positive ratings but was dwarfed by the growing success of FOX’s accompanying animated shows. Comedian Seth MacFarlane became a household name at FOX with his shows Family Guy and American Dad, both recognized for their fast-paced, off-kilter humor. As a result, King of the Hill lacked the high viewership that other programs had, effectively leading to the show’s cancellation and replacement by MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show, a spin-off centered on a Family Guy side character. However, in an interview late, FOX Chairman Dana Walden reveals that the King of the hill reboot 2022 coming soon.

In short, it seems that Fox is listening to its fans asking for King of the Hill to return. What does this mean for the king of the hill revival? No one knows yet, but we can hope for another 13 years! King of the Hill was canceled after 13 seasons due to its low rate. King of the Hill reboot may or may not be a sequel based on social media responses. Depending on scheduling conflicts and availability, the show may or may not include voice actors Mike Judge and Kathy Najimy again. Still, neither party has received official word regarding King of the Hill returning, so there are only rumors and guesses.

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