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Shay Shariatzadeh: Things to Know About John Cena’s Wife

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Shay Shariatzadeh

Shariatzadeh is a Canadian engineer who operates as a product director for a software computer firm development, typesona. She latterly broke the internet when the news of John and Shariatzadeh acquiring marriage got outside. And she is the wife of time_16 World WWE champion, actor, and former rapper world. However, as a gladiator, John Cena has achieved great accomplishments from fam all over the world. Entertainingly, the twosome has maintained their connection except for secret appearances in a red blanket. Although who is Shariatzadeh, John’s wife? Very Well, we are around to present all the information about Shay Shariatzadeh and what shay is performing now.

Which is John Cena’s wife?

Shay Shariatzadeh was born a Canadian citizen and attended The University of Columbia British (2008–2013). Dissimilar to John Cena, who’s gone in the highlights since the soon 2000s. Shay keeps a down profile and does not have a presence on public Instagram.

The powerful and most difficult working woman I know is my loving mom,” she says of upbringing her in an A&Q among her former Avigilon company for Intercontinental Women’s Day. Adding later, Shay is a surgeon who works night and full day, so we would need a well-known life. While shay shariatzadeh was at the height of her profession, she gave it all to move up her ancestry to Canada to deliver an improved future.

The make progress of her affection story

John Cena grabbed the first jump and decided to follow his love lady in favor of a date. It is secure to presume that shay shariatzadeh answered the proposal. They both have a start date in 2019. They were spotted first in the community as a twosome. Further time, john Cena was playing filming in Vancouver in fire, the first native city of shay shariatzadeh.

Online ET 1st indicated Cena’s hands holding among a “woman Mystery,” which was into truth Shariatzadeh. The twosome was then speckling pleasure and a good date dinner in the downtown cafeteria. They had nearly for dined 4 hours left and were collectively disregarded. The twosome originally grabbed time to know additional things to begin a stable relationship. Claim sources they had often had the longest dinner, and bonding discussions started.

Shay shariatzadeh, an engineer

Shay worked in the United States as things director at a typesona, a software enterprise company, a job initiated in December. Earlier, Shay worked in Solutions Motorola and thermal researched cameras and intercom systems video, according to Shay’s profile on LinkedIn. Shay studied at the university of United State Columbia from 2013 to 2018, earning a bachelor’s degree in electronics and electrical engineering. Shay’s career interest stemmed from her youngest years when a project brought her brother home since engineering school annoyed her fascinate.

I have constantly appreciated physics and math,” her subsidiary Motorola Avigilon Solutions. Brother engineering consider in school, and I remember per day he came home with a project, and it was an autonomous car, and this was it. Her brother is not just a family component that Shay thinks is powerful. Her mom, who works as a physician, has impacted positively Shay. The powerful and majority intelligent working- woman. Even though she was at the career of her peak, she is the specific reason we fight to be the well-known version of ourselves, to be considerate, and by no means provide up.

Shay shariatzadeh is on social press

Shay Shariatzadeh maintains a comparatively lost profile and is not active in the media, which lines up with how secret the twosome is. He is sentimental. A speaking source about john Cena said individuals presently using the twosome marriage, attaching that was not a shock. In conclusion, He exactly desired to perform it away from the limelight.

Shay shariatzadeh joined Cena at a cafeteria.

John Cena 1st observed Shay Shariatzadeh while she was for lunch among friends at a cafeteria in Vancouver. Present was one woman I was watching and could not accept of her eyes” Michael-Keegan Key, featured in Playing among Fire — reminded John of expression.

Shariatzadeh & Cena built their red-carpet

He was shooting when he gathered Shay. The actor dashing looked in a full blue suit with a white down-button and red tie, while Shay impressed in a black and silver jeweled dress.  However, It is a fantastic day for a premiere movie, and I got a reasonable date. John Cena tells tonight Entertainment on the cherry carpet. What is particular around this one is, no problem, what undertaking I’m complicated in the subsequent, this 1 always desires a particular significance considering. Moreover, I obtained to film a project special and gather individual exceptional.

Quick Facts

  • Name:            Shay shariatzadeh
  • Birth date:      1989
  • Age:                33
  • Spouse:          John
  • Citizenship:   Canadian
  • Height:           5′ 6
  • Eye Colour     Black
  • Net Worth:     250,000 US Dollars
  • Career:           Engineer

Do Cena and Shay have children?

After finishing his wedding, John started a high profile. 6 years of connection among fellow star wrestling Bella Nikki, approximately for her E documented. Show Complete Bellas. Although they obtained WrestleMania at engaged 33. Where he presented her with an involvement ring in the grappling ring, they did not down walk end up the aisle. The couple named off its engagement a few years after, telling Us Every week at the time of the attached statement: “Although this judgment turned out to be a difficult single, we proceeded to have a wonderful arrangement of like and admiration for one additional.”

The Career

Shay saw her mom as a motivation because her mom transferred to another country to supply her children with a greater life. Shariatzadeh attached as a sales guess worked and associate; therefore, 2 years before her, switching testing and software development. Shay then worked among several like Alpha Ltd Technologies and Solutions Motorola and then attached typesona in a director product.

Other interesting things

Cena has a split controversy with his fiancee, Bella Nikki. The reason backside the separation was that Bella desire to initiate a family with John, but he was not preparing for this. In Consultation, Bella speaks to a publication concerned about how she felt when she got to know about the report of Cena’s love for Shariatzadeh. Bella was joyful to know that Cena was beginning a modern life.

Still, she was told that if Shariatzadeh ever harms her own, she desires to rack her in a blink of an eye as Bella is still overprotective of John. In addition, HoShariatzadeh became an adviser for the modern and helping students of UBC and developing and maintaining relationships to assist them in constructing the strongest community and industry for the approaching students.

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