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Sergey Brin’s Wife: Everything to Know About Nicole Shanahan

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Sergey Brin, the multibillionaire co-founder of Google and one of the wealthiest men in the world, and his wife Nicole Shanahan have called it quits after nearly nine years of marriage. According to Forbes, he made $54 billion in 2013 alone. So far, there’s no information about who initiated the divorce and why or whether there will be any alimony or child support issues to resolve. Being the estranged wife of one of the world’s most famous billionaires must be hard on its own, but Nicole Shanahan. Here are some things to know about the woman at the center of an acrimonious. Between one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent players and his much younger former wife.

Nicole Shanahan

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Nicole Shanahan is an American entrepreneur, attorney, and patent professional. At Stanford Law School and Stanford University’s Computer Science Department, she is currently a research fellow at the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics. Shanahan marries Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. They have a daughter. Having difficulty conceiving inspire her to form an innovative platform to help women. Who can’t conceive naturally, the Buck Institute for Research Aging? Her other entrepreneurial venture, the Bia-Echo Foundation, recently announced the platform’s Global Consortium. He also advocates reforms to the criminal justice system and patent law to promote healthy domestic partnerships through marriage contracts. When asked for comment, Bryan Freedman, an attorney for Sergey brin Nicole Shanahan, called the reports an outright lie and defamatory.

The Details of Their Split

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Sergey Brin has filed for a dissolution of marriage with his wife, Nicole Shanahan sergey brin. They first start dating in 2015 and finally married in 2018 after being a couple for a few years. A year after getting married, the couple welcomed a daughter. Most recently, she made headlines when a report from the Wall Street Journal allege. That she was in a brief affair with Elon Musk last fall. All denials since say this rumor is a load of crap.

Sergey was at a party together last night! In another post, he wrote, you’ve only seen Nicole twice in three years, both times with many other people around. Nothing romantic. Their marriage was confirmed in a joint statement on their Instagram account. Where they share pictures of themselves and their daughter. They decide to end our marriage but care deeply for each other and remain friends. Because they are dedicated to raising our child as loving parents and creating a warm and supportive environment for her.

Education of Nicole Shanahan

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During his undergraduate studies, Shanahan majored in Asian studies and minored in economics, as well as Mandarin Chinese. During her brief time at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (2007). She gets a certificate in ‘World Trade Organization studies. A year later, Shanahan worked with Elon Jan. street journal at ‘Georgopolous & Economidis as a legal intern. And later as an international practice consultant at ‘Longan Law Firm. The National University of Singapore offered Shanahan the opportunity to study global IP trade and Chinese law.

Her Juris Doctor degree is in high-technology law. Intellectual property, and litigation from Santa Clara University School of Law. Where she was an associate and journal editor. The daughter of a Filipino-American father and an Irish American mother, Shanahan went on to study at Santa Clara University School of Law. Upon graduating, she admits as a State Bar of California attorney. Specializing in technology, intellectual property, and trade laws.

Family & Personal Life

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In July 2018, Shanahan began working at ‘The Center for Female Reproductive Longevity and Equality. To which Sergey Brin Family Foundation’ donated approximately six million dollars. In September 2019, Shanahan’s ‘Bia-Echo Foundation’ announced a partnership with the ‘Buck Institute’ to form the ‘Global Consortium’ for ‘Female Reproductive Longevity and Equality.’ It’s the world’s top researchers developing solutions for ovarian aging prevention. And more to benefit women worldwide.

Shanahan was also married in Brin, and Anne Wojcicki welcome a baby girl at the end of 2018. Brin has two children with his former wife, Anne Wojcicki. She was born in Oakland, where her mother Nicole Shanahan Chinese emigrate from China and raised her as a single mother. Despite such hardships, Shanahan’s mother brought her internet access at the age of 11. So that she could take advantage of the burgeoning internet world. She places a high value on yoga and meditation. But also enjoys paddle boarding, snowboarding, swimming, and running. And cooking in her free time.

The career struggles of Nicole Shanahan

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Alessandra Shanahan was an IP lawyer at Townsend and Townsend and Crew, LLP, in 2009. She left to be a Rutan & Tucker, LLP in Orange County as a paralegal, then as a patent specialist. Ms. Shanahan eventually left Rutan & Tucker, LLP. To join the start-up phase of the financial services provider RPX Corporation in March 2010. For a brief time, she works there as an IP patent specialist. She helps create a start-up ‘ClearAccessIP’ and is the current CEO of that company. With PDB Patent Data, she worked with some start-up companies and help them optimize their patent data efforts.

Over four years, she develops her entrepreneurial venture idea while working for several law firms and later a licensing company. She then built an excellent technical team in law school, giving it structure. In April 2014, Shanahan was featured on the cover of the American Bar Association’s journal ‘Self Starters: Women Are Squarely in the Picture Where Law and Technology Combine.’ After launching the first live beta of ‘Zero-Touch Patent Docketing. Her company form to serve patent trial attorneys and in-house patent management teams.

Their job of Nicole before marrying Sergey

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Nicole Shanahan was a Google lawyer before she married Sergey and was a law school classmate of the co-founder. As noted on Stanford’s bio for Shanahan, she’s the founder and president of the Bia-Echo Foundation. It seeks to invest in change-makers working on reproductive longevity and equality, criminal justice reform, and sustainable living.

According to reports, she is also the founder and CEO of ClearAccessIP, automated patent management, and valuation platform. She was Elon musk’s partner before she married. Shanahan worked as a software engineer at Google and later as a lawyer. She began law school at Stanford while working full-time at Google, then shifted to part-time before going full-time. At that point, she became Google’s first legal counsel.

Other Facts

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Shanahan Sergey brin wife has been a research fellow for ‘The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics since July 2014 and is researching how digital. And open-source software can combat legal and social issues. Erin Shanahan led to a partnership between CodeX and the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office to provide data analysis. For the latter’s blue-ribbon Task Force Investigating Police Misconduct project.

Shanahan is currently working on a project titled Smart Prosecution. Which entails a Coasean Mapping Theory to forecast the trajectory and nature of legal AI. Stephen Shanahan is the founder of the Bia-Echo Foundation. A private foundation whose purpose is to maintain a well-balanced society for future generations. She previously worked as a generalist at Google in their People Analytics division. Which is responsible for all human resource operations. She has also worked on automated tools to prevent human trafficking.

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