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Oonagh Paige Heard – Amber Heard’s Daughter, Father & More

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Paige Heard, April 8, 2021, is conventionally well-known as the baby child of model Amber Hear and a Hollywood actress. In 2021 July Amber proclaimed that she kept privately appreciated a baby child, Oonagh, surrogate via. Tmz Amber Heard has by no means shown the father’s or donor’s sperm name. Amber heard Stated that she was equally “the father and mother” to the baby child. Oonagh Paige Heard was born among the assistants to take her to possess child, demonstrated friends. In accordance with the report, Amber’sAmber’s friends state that she was utilizing a surrogate because she was informed she wishes under no circumstances to be able to transfer her baby.

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The shock proclamation

In 2021 July, Amber heard overwhelmed supporters when she located a picture of herself among her recently born baby. On their Instagram place, she said she held determined foursome years earlier that she desire a child but wished to need a baby on her requirements. However, the situation, she said she expects it was “normalize not to desire a ring to have a cradle.” Amber also said she desire to keep her secret life out of community space but realize that creature in the general eye destiny that possible would not occur. So, Amber heard what he pronounced to let individuals understand Amber heard her daughter, Oonagh Paige.

The father

They appear greatly supposition approximately who the dad of Oonagh Paige heard the baby could be. Magazine recorded that Oonagh was born a surrogate, and Heard’s features publicly stated she roles play a parental dual. “I’m just your single mother,”. She is the boss. Media British announce that Amber Heard was told she appears not able to formulate and pick to have a child surrogate. Oonagh Paige heard had romanticist connections to cinematographer Bianca Butti, model Cara Delevingne, James Franco, and Elon Musk.

But the singularity of the dad has continued a strong secret kept. The magazine informs that, for the reason that Amber heard told she had her child on her terms own,” in attendance, she might utilize donor sperm. British media formally history that heard is Oonagh Paige heard secure parent. Still, there is an assumption that Musk is privately the baby’s dad and cheerfully operates as a sperm, but this requires nevermore established.

Where conduct oneself the name arrive?

Individual history that Oonagh heard 2nd name, Paige, is in mother heard memory, who pass away two years ago. Heard established that her mum had expired in an affecting media post. However, she said she was nearest to her mother, Oonagh Paige heard, who glows daylight on everybody she joins. British communications history, the birth of Oonagh Paige heard was especially particular. Therefore, Amber lost her mom a few years ago. A best friend was saying the quote Oonagh Paige heard was “outside in belove” among Oonagh.

The fact of moving on

While she has been prominently uncommunicative around her secret life in the last several years, history Sources she acquired an abandoned town in Valley Yucca, a title town in the United States, among a population of 20,000 persons. Her home is in the center of the wasteland and is separate, away from the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle. Amber heard she had posted a start picture of her baby, but the snaps are several and distant. At the beginning of Amber’s heard statement in the formerly against case her Depp, she said to the jury that the alleged domestic violence she had to tolerate was “torturous.” In an exceptional opinion being a mother, she said desired to transfer on.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Oonagh Paige Heard
  • Birth: April 8, 2021
  • Father: Johnny Depp
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Height: 8
  • Nationality: American
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Eye: Blue
  • Residence: Los Angeles, California

About Amber Female Child

Oonagh Paige is nineteen months old and was born on April 8, 2021, in the United States. Her mom, Amber, a model, and actress, is distinguished for function in fashionable movies such as Zombieland and Aquaman. In a share caption on Amber’s Instagram profile, the thirty-six years old actress writes that childbirth happen four years afterward, and she was determined to have a baby “on my possess requirements. she writes, “I am so happy to share this headline among you. Four years ago, I wanted I decided to have a baby. I desired my modern term. We now understand how revolutionary it is for Columbia, as a female person, to consider about 1 of the most elementary parts of our chances in this approach. I desire we come at an issue in which it is standardized not to desire a ring in decree to have a manger.”

The significance of the name “Paige Heard”

The first baby’s name, which is occasionally transcribed as Oona or Úna, contemplate to originated from  the Irish expression “uan,” what sort of means “sheep.” In accordance with the Irish Central website, it may additionally acquire from the Latin period for single—” unus”—consequently, it is from time to time interpret as “Unite. It shows up that Oonagh Paige heard center name is an accolade to the Heard’s former mother, Paige heard, who passed away in May 2020. Heard wrote in a subheading to a picture of themselves among her moms.

When Acted is Amber Greeting Her Daughter?

Amber has welcomed her 1st baby, Paige Heard. “I’m so pleased to divide this message among you,” Amber wrote on Instagram, later announcing the origin of her child. However, the making of the sound has a baby four-year-old baby. It was substantial to me on my term own. I understand immediately how revolutionary it is for us women to contemplate one of the majority indispensable aspects of our way of life in this method. I want to achieve a point where not unsatisfactory a ring in arranges to need a crib is typically measured. Separately, I desire to maintain that my private life is personal and unexciting to additional. I furthermore comprehend that the character of my demands profession me to carry this situation command.

On April 8, 2021, my child was born. Her name is Oonagh. She stains the commencement of the residual of life.” Her one-year-old baby celebrated her 1st birthday presently. Amber, who separated from Depp earlier, went on to motivate her pleasure at possessing a baby separately since the marriage, impressing her cheerfulness it wishes to turn into “standardized” to “not desire a ring in command to need a crib.” The blonde went on to say that she is conflicting to insufficient to “maintain that my personal life is no one of everyone’s business” and consenting to the kindliness that her position as a superstar has carried. Although, as for the dad, that is an enormous question.

Fans suspect that Elon is the dad of Amber’s baby.

In bright of the greatest profile trial defamation among Heard, Amber, and her ex-boyfriend, Johnny, interest has grown in her private life. Considering Amber heard has no way to expose the singularity of Amber heard’s daughter’s dad, there was speculation that Heard’s ex-husband, Musk Elon, is Paige heard ecological father. According to Online Radar, Musk and Heard were briefly engaged after splitting Heard’s Johnny Depp. The two next entered allegedly into a complex legal battle above embryos frozen later they poor up. While not either nor Musk Heard has immediately discussed the supposition, the rumor factory appears to be passing into overwork – and it is feasible that a might revelation is exactly approximately the predicament.


Who is Oonagh Paige heard father?

Amber releases the birth of her child daughter’s final year in July, the Freshwater star reveals. However, Paige is now a mom of a child girl who arrived in April post on Instagram 36 year pen a tender note for the joy reveal the kid. Therefore, Amber did Oonagh rev months real that kid was brought into the globe on her kid. On her 6-month birthday, Oonagh Paige Heard amber dubbed days with her daughter the famous period of her life. The 6 best months of life are the early 6 months here. In addition, Aquaman has not spoken about her kid’s mom nor revealed it. She uses assignments and pregnancy for her girl.

How do you Pronounce Oonagh Paige heard

Paige took to Twitter to share a picture of herself and her new Child Oonagh Heard. However, pronounce states are excited to share this information with you. 4 years ago, I decided to have a kid, and I want to do my kind. Therefore, recognize how revolutionary Paige is for a lady to consider one of the essential aspects of destinies in this approach. In addition, after stating that Oonagh Paige Heard doesn’t require, and the married to have a child, the actress continued to say. In addition, a part of wanting to preserve personal life is none of more than one professional.

How old is Oonagh Paige Heard

Oonagh was on 8 April 2021 via Surrogate, and her name is heard. At the start online, the mother, the father to her daughter, into the globe as a surrogate. However, Paige details she was born via yet father star’s Child, and Elon James share an alone mom and beyond in love with only Oonagh. Therefore, she was in love media that her daughter’s Surrogate disclosed the name of she’s dad.

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