October 2, 2023

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Ishowspeed on TikTok: A Fame-Seeking Text-to-Speech Master

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Ishowspeed has been around on TikTok since its inception as one of the annoying text-to-speech users on the platform, and it’s clear that he likes to be famous. As his name implies, Ishowspeed uses text-to-speech software to make himself sound like a cartoonish video game announcer, but his content makes him unique among his peers on this popular short video app. Let’s look at what makes him so different and why he’s so well-known within the text-to-speech community.

The Bio of IShowSpeed

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IShowSpeed has a history as a commenter and posted videos making fun of people in short videos. He’s also previously used his face came when he talked over music in videos like Traffic Lights by Drake that users were sharing. Also known as Comment Picket, he uses phone vibrations and excessive tapping to get enough noise to make them sound like they’re talking through another word for annoying or commenting system.

One video is called Comment Picker because he did it while commenting on another person’s video. It was uploaded and was taken down shortly after but he reposts it multiple times since then. In that video are comments from other accounts, such as Logan Paul, Jenna Marbles, Mia Khalifa, and many more names you might recognize. Most of these comments say things like this are so annoying or something else to try to stop him from doing it, but he still does it anyway.

The age of IShowSpeed

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IShowSpeed was born on January 21, 2005, making him 17 years old but he has no plans to reveal his age. So, if you see him pop up in your comment picker, best avoid mentioning how old he is. If he’s still posting text-to-speech videos every few hours, there’s a good chance that IShowSpeed doesn’t have much of a life outside of TikTok and isn’t looking for any extra human interaction. He might not even know how annoying some users are to fame addiction. It wouldn’t hurt to point it out to him, though! His birthday makes his zodiac sign Aquarius.

The social media star is still in high school and has said in the past that he doesn’t want to go to college and instead wants to focus on his social media career. When asked what other social media apps he uses besides TikTok, IShowSpeed responded with TikTok only. That’s all we need to know about him! We don’t care how many followers he has or what kind of car he drives; we only care about getting our notifications back.

How did IShowSpeed become famous?

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Due to his original content, IShowSpeed gained much recognition in a short amount of time. He is one of the fasted growing content creators, earning millions of followers in just a year. He began uploading his gaming content in the middle, but some of the early content was low quality and didn’t feature commentary. Between, he managed to gain almost a million followers. IShowSpeed shares a variety of gaming content, including FIFA and Fortnite streams.

It was not until August that he hit viral fame, starting with a Fortnite stream. The following Monday, he has about 10k subs. It reached 90K in 2 days and 100K in 5 days. He has been multiplying since then and shows no sign of stopping soon. IShowSpeed is known for his text to speech comments he brings to most of his videos but are you ready for some annoying text-to-speech comments?

Personal Information

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Another word for annoying comment picker TikTok ishowspeed and its personal information. I can’t wait to see what you guys think of it! Let me know if you want me to do a tutorial! Ishowspeed started as a text-to-speech Roblox account on Instagram. He also does live streams where people send him texts that he reads aloud in his voice. He’s famous for making funny comments like my mom just got home from work or my boyfriend dumped me. His real name is unknown, but many speculate his name is Justin because he recently tags himself as such in one of his live streams.

Career of Ishowspeed

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Back in, when Darren launched his YouTube channel, he did not upload any videos and was not considering a career out of it. He uploaded the clip on NBA 2K18, which did not do well then and disheartened him. However, Darren was sure about his studies. He focused on football and also considered trade school. Before taking live streaming as a career option, Darren worked with a nursing home where he used to deliver food to older adults. His friend motivated him to upload content on YouTube about what he loves. Darren got the chance during the pandemic to start his journey on YouTube. He uploaded videos related to NBA 2K20 and 2k21 that helped him gain a good amount of viewership.

To stay in the YouTube business, he did live streams and played Fortnite, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and more. By mid, Darren got many subscribers, and as time went by, he turned into an internet sensation. Darren also launched his album by the name ‘What Else IShowSpeed’ to gain more attention from the viewers. His song, Shake, got controversial because of inappropriate song lyrics. Another controversy that Darren faced was at the time when he collaborated with Adin on a live stream. During the live stream, he targeted Ash Kaash and made sexist comments. Consequently, he got banned from Twitch because of the violation of rules and policies.

IShowSpeed’s Net Worth

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IShowSpeed or Speed is an American YouTuber and social media personality with an estimated net worth of $8-12 million, according to multiple sources like Social Blade and Net Worth Spot. The other sources of income for Darren are paid promotions, TikTok, and merchandise. He gains wealth through his album and donations during his live streams.

Ishowspeed’s Personal Life

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He has not revealed any information about his family. It was hard for Darren to make his parents understand what he would do as a YouTuber, and when he a lot of subscribers on YouTube, his mother gave him a cold reaction that upset him. Some reports state Darren is single, while others have insinuated, he is in a relationship with Harmony Renee.

However, recently Darren uploaded a video to his channel and shared that his girlfriend broke up with him, cheated on him, and abandoned him. Said it hurt him more than anyone could imagine. She lied about loving him and that she never cared about him at all. He said he would always love her, but there’s nothing more he can do to try and win her back because there’s no way of knowing if she ever loved him or not. He says they both tried their hardest to keep their relationship going but ultimately failed.

Content on YouTube

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In the video, IShowSpeed takes revenge on Talking Ben, and it is one of the most viewed videos on his channel Live Speedy. The video has over 220k likes and more than five million views. His official music video, which was also controversial, got significant viewership. The video is available on his YouTube channel IShowSpeed, with 3 million likes. This video is available on his third YouTube channel, Speedy Boykins, and it is one of his most viewed videos as he gets a $100,000 donation. He excites in this video, and a PC falls on him because of this. In this video, Darren’s new dog barks at him, and he asks the audience whether he should keep its name, Ben.

This video is available on his channel and it is his most recent video. He released a video announcing that his Tik Tok account hack. His real name is Ishowspeed, and many people don’t know about it. Some call him by other names, such as Speedo Guy or Speedo Kid. Some people refer to him by his real name, but they don’t call themselves fans of Ishowspeed because they think that only those who like his content can be fans of Ishowspeed. And What is tts on Twitch?

Quick Facts about Ishowspeed

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Ishowspeed is a 17-year-old male who speaks via text-to-speech software; his videos create entirely by himself with no other users. He posts multiple times a day and never leaves comments or interacts with anyone. His content ranges from songs to public service announcements and poems to short stories. Ishow is a member of nearly every social media platform and has thousands of followers on all of them, primarily bots and spam accounts set up by others. While he does post original works, it’s clear that he isn’t using any of these platforms for their intended purposes. He appears to be using most as little more than a way to get more views on YouTube so that he can earn money through ad revenue. While I’m not sure if that’s even legal, I don’t think it matters much, considering how boring his videos are.

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