September 24, 2023

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How to tie a tie knot and its benefits

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tie knot

Wearing a tie is a traditional fashionable part of clothing. A formal look, a wedding, or wearing normal coat pants always looks incomplete without a tie. Every man should know how to tie a tie knot to praise his look. There are numerous ways to wear a tie, but if you learn a few knot styles, it will be beneficial for you, and you can create your knot style after learning. You can tie a knot in different styles with different techniques. Let us see a knot style that will help you to guide how to tie a tie knot.

Why should men wear a tie?

  1. Wearing a tie shows the professionalism of a man.
  2. It will bring confidence inside the man.
  3. Men will find it easier to impress someone.
  4. It made men look more genuine and intelligent.
  5. It makes your shirt collar look even and balanced.

Kelvin Knot

 If you want to wear a tie daily, you often feel like wearing a tie casually but not for some occasion or formal meeting. Learning this tie knot will help you look stylish at your workplace and even on evening and night dinner dates.

  • This tie is tied using the wide end. Begin with the backside of the tie backing aside from you, with the broad endpoint on your left side and the thin endpoint on your right side
  • The small endpoint should rest lightly over your belly button, depending upon the thickness of the tie and your height.
  • Bring the wide endpoint under the thin endpoint to your right.
  • Take the wide end across the small end to your left. Take it over the broad endpoint to your right. Take it over the thin endpoint to your left.
  • Bring the broad endpoint up through the neck circle from underneath.
  • Take the broad endpoint through the loop that you have just designed.
  • Pull down the broad end to stretch down. Push the knot up to adjust.

Some benefits of wearing a tie

If you know how to tie a tie knot, you must know the benefits of wearing it. Let us discuss some benefits.

  • You are wearing a shirt, but it looks uneven even after being ironed because of the collar. Yes, but wearing a tie makes the collar look organized, even, and settled in one place.
  • A tie is like the aim of the dartboard because it gives a middle point to the face. The tie is the middle point of the face, and it makes your face look balanced.
  • Usually, men wear black outfits on any meeting or occasion. It looks the same from top to bottom, but if men wear a different tie-on tie, it becomes the outfit’s focal point.
  • Women like a gentleman and men with a tie makes him look more mature and handsome. Wearing a tie makes men look more attractive.


From ancient times it has been said and believed that if a woman wears jewelry, it gives grace, more beauty to her and the outfit and shows the balance same is for men. People notice what a man is wearing, just like women, and a man wearing a tie is admired and respected.

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