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Grantchester season 7 – Plot, Cast, and Latest News

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grantchester season 7

Season 7 of PBS’s Grantchester ended with a surprising finale that featured an unexpected development in the vagrant murders case and a significant twist that put Will (Tom Brittney) in serious jeopardy. Meanwhile, Leonard (Al Weaver) and Mrs. C (Tessa Peake-Jones) also looked at a future that wasn’t quite what they imagined. So now, fans are wondering whether the character will remain in Grantchester or will he be departing the show.

About Grantchester Season 7

will leonard return to grantchester

For those who don’t know, grantchester recap Leonard leaving is an English crime drama series. It tells about a reverend and detective, Sidney Chambers. This show develops by the British company ITV Studios. The first episode of Grantchester premiered on the ITV network. On average, 4 million people have been watching each episode of Grantchester during its premiere on Sundays. Till now, it has generated millions of fans worldwide. In short, you can say that Grantchester is one of Britain’s most popular TV shows. Now let us move to what we are interest in here. Is there going to be another season of Grantchester?

There is no doubt that all Grantchester fans want more seasons. That’s why they are waiting for more episodes with impatience! If you have watched previous seasons of Grantchester season, then surely you would love to see your favorite characters again! Well, good news for all loyal viewers of Grantchester! Season 7 is coming soon! So do not miss it at any cost! We promise that your impression of Grantchester will change after seeing new episodes of Grantchester. Why do we think so? Because new episodes of grantchester season 7 will feature many twists and turns. You won’t believe how interesting the new episodes are going to be!

What happens in Grantchester series 7?

is leonard leaving grantchester

Grantchester season 7 starts in the long hot summer when wedding season is in full swing in the Cambridgeshire village. As the Reverend Will Davenport unites happy couples in holy matrimony, Detective Inspective Geordie Keating is busy as ever investigating a range of local murder cases. With a new decade just around the corner, the question of what the future holds is on everyone’s minds, not least Will’s. However, before the rollover into the Swing Sixties, there were some crimes to solve and some life life-changing decisions to be made that might change life in Grantchester forever.

New faces join old favorites at The Anchor Inn; it looks like even more will follow them soon enough. You can read our first look at series 7 here! Can you believe it? Series seven will be Grantchester’s last, with ITV confirming ITV has canceled it after two seasons. ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Mammoth Screen today announce that they have agreed not to recommission Grantchester for next series following discussions with ITV. They are incredibly proud of Grantchester, create by James Wood, who remains part of the production team alongside Executive Producer Damien Timmer.

Grantchester Season 7 Cast

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A good thing for Grantchester fans is that the show’s core cast is return, including Tom Brittney as Reverend Will Davenport and Robson Green as DI Geordie Keating. In addition, a variety of other stars also in it, including Tessa Peake-Jones (Mrs. Chapman), Al Weaver (Leonard Finch), Kacey Ainsworth (Cathy Keating), Oliver Dimsdale (Daniel Marlowe), and Nick Brimble (Jack Chapman). One notable guest star confirmed for Grantchester season 7 is Charlotte Ritchie, who fans of British TV may recognize as Barbara from Call the Midwife.

Though the details about her character have not yet reveal. She plays on Call the Midwife and while Tom Brittney will still be sleuthing away as Grantchester’s belove vicar, he’s also added a new role to his resume this season. Specifically, he’ll be directing episode three of the new season, giving fans one more element to get excited about. I’m thrilled to be back on set with my Grantchester synopsis family and back in our happy place,” Brittney state that. “I’m also absolutely over the moon to be allowed to direct an episode of this series, it’s been a life ambition of mine, and I can’t wait for the audience to see it.

Grantchester Season 7 Plot

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The Grantchester season 7 plot reveal as filming for series begins fully. According to reports from Metro UK, ITV already confirm that the series of Grantchester will be broadcast later. It’s not yet famous when exactly it will air. But you can expect to hit screens sometime. The show follows Reverend Sidney Chambers (James Norton). And Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green) as they solve crimes in their hometown of Cambridgeshire.

As well as James Norton and Robson Green, other stars include Tessa Peake-Jones, Morven Christie, and Kacey Ainsworth. Many fans hope to see new characters added to Grantchester season 7, especially since Reverend Chambers might leave his post at St Jude’s Church. But could Reverend Chambers leave Grantchester? During an interview with TV Times last year, James Norton hinted that his character might move away from Grantchester in future episodes.

Grantchester series 7 episode guide

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Here’s the guide for episode of Grantchester season 7.

Episode 1

One of the brides is Adele Fitzgerald (Anna Wilson Jones), who lives in a stately home with her spinster sister Maude (Emma Cunniffe) and Rev. Will Davenport (Tom Brittney). Will joins DI George Keating (Robson Green) after their errant brother Lord Edmund’s body is discover on the estate, seeking all the possible family secrets. In the process, Geordie conflicts with his new boss, DCI Elliot Wallace (Michael D Xavier), and DC Larry Peters (Bradley Hall). Geordie and will discover Edmund’s romantic past as they investigate family history. Could a story of lost love hold the key to his murder? They will also meet an enigmatic woman at a jazz club and Geordie plans to win back his estranged wife Cathy and return to their family home. What will happen to both men if they don’t get their happily ever after?

Episode 2

Cathy’s niece Bonnie play by Ghosts star Charlotte Ritchie. While Cathy works, Geordie is surprise to learn that her niece Bonnie has agreed to look after the children while she is away. During her aunt and uncle’s bitter divorce, Bonnie tries to remain impartial. But finds herself ferrying the children between their estranged parents. However, when she meets Will, they discover they can confide in each other. This week’s case involves businessman Lester Carmichael. He operates a cleaning goods company with his wife, Melanie, and frequents local brothels. Will and Geordie investigate the death, which has an unusual neck wound. Did his wife have anything to do with his murder?

Episode 3

Due to her startling diagnosis, Mrs. Chapman begins to behave very erratically getting drunk, using crude language, etc. During one of her conversations with Leonard, Mrs. Chapman mentions that she feels that the Lord has unfairly treat her due to a moment in her past she has kept a secret. Haunted by his ill-fated romance with Maya, Will finds himself tormented once more by the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the body of a homeless vagrant on the doorstep of his favorite cafe. Might this murder be connected to two previously unsolved cases in the neighborhood?

Episode 4

Just before a church fundraising event, Neil Hughes, an electrician in Will’s congregation, is found murdered. When Will and Geordie investigate the gossipy world of Missionary Circle, Will realizes Neil may not be the upstand church member he first believes. So will Bonnie hatch a plan to get Geordie and Cathy back together, with disastrous results! As an ever-reliable housekeeper, Mrs. Chapman has gone AWOL and failed to deliver a dozen cakes she promised the Missionary Circle charity auction.

She has left without her girdle! The new cafe will host a poetry recital by Leonard Finch later today. But Mrs. C causes a stir when she openly criticizes poetry and heckles a performer. is leonard leaving grantchester pulls Mrs. C aside and says he knows she’s acting up because she hasn’t yet told her husband, Jack. And Reverend Will Davenport about her recent cancer diagnosis. Can Leonard give her the courage?

Episode 5

Although Geordie and Cathy continue to live separate lives, the detective struggles without his beloved wife. Geordie expected Cathy to have him back by now. But there has been no sign of her. When Cathy organizes a protest at Swinnertons over pay, Geordie is called to the scene. It is there that Cathy provokes Geordie into arresting her. While in custody, Cathy and Geordie discuss their relationship.

Cathy concludes that they must stop focusing on the past and make new memories if their marriage is to have a future. Will they be reunited? Despite Will’s rejection of Bonnie’s advances, he patches things up with her by saying he’s not looking for fun with anyone. However, Maya shows up at the vicarage and claims to have ended her engagement with Elliot and wants to run away with him.

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