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FRTYFVE Making Noise in Artist Services




Tencent backed artist growth company FRTYFVE isn’t your traditional record label, but is making waves within the industry nonetheless as they have already acquired the likes of AWAL and Platoon.

“What we care about in the signing process is whether or not we believe we can realistically get you to 10 million streams a month,” says Conrad Withey, the UK-based founder of the company. “Because, once you reach that point, it means you’re making a living from music.”

FRTYFVE boasts some notable successes, such as  SadBoyProlific (2.5 million Spotify monthly listeners) and New York-based pop artist Rachel Grae (1.9 million), while its fastest-growing acts include non-binary ‘interdisciplinary’ artist Rio Romeo (646k Spotify monthly listeners).

FRTYFVE’s Label Director, Emma Banks claims that its artists grow their streaming business by 463% in their first year after signing with the firm, and could be a big boon to the music content creators space as well.

“I went to see a live agent the other month and told him that an artist we both work with is releasing a track every couple of weeks with us,” says Withey. “He nearly fell off his chair, and said: ‘Every couple of weeks?! We have artists in the studio right now agonizing over selecting the music they’re going to take to the market.’

“That made me think: how does any artist know what music the market wants… without asking the market?”

“The beauty of streaming for independent artists is you can get to a place where you start making $3k to $5k a month – or for some artists much more – without investing an awful lot [in marketing]. All that matters is growing an audience that loves you, converting that into streams, which then converts into predictable income. There is no influencer required in that process. And guess what? Streaming algorithms really like fans who share music, save music, and keep streaming.

“I get frustrated when streaming economics are bemoaned by artists who don’t have a real fanbase. They might think they do, because a certain trendsetting radio station is playing their music, or they sold a few thousand albums ten years ago and received an advance. But if you strip all of that away, if your music’s on streaming services today and you’re not getting a lot of plays – and therefore not getting very much money as a result – it’s because you don’t have a real fanbase.”

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Sony Music Publishing Debuts MENA Division



sony music

Sony Music Publishing has officially rolled out it’s MENA Division, which is based out of a new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has tapped former Anghami Executive Dounia Chaaban to serve as its managing director, according to an official company announcement.

Chaaban will report to SMP SVP of international Dan Nelson.

“I look forward to working hand in hand with the incredibly talented team at Sony Music Publishing to propel the MENA music industry to new heights,” Chaaban said in the statement. “Together, we will create an environment that nurtures creativity, fosters innovation, and unlocks the boundless potential of the region’s musical landscape.”

“We are excited to welcome Dounia to the Sony Music Publishing team,” Dan Nelson added. “Dounia’s extensive experience working with local talent will be invaluable as we expand opportunities for new and established songwriters and artists across the region. There couldn’t be a more opportune moment to launch our business, and we look forward to growing our presence in the MENA region.”

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Usher’s Record Breaking Night on Apple Music Sparks 1,200% Rise in Streams



apple music

Usher’s 13-minute Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show did some big numbers and featured a party of entertainers at the end including star such as Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri,, and H.E.R. joining him on stage.

The NFL says that Usher’s performance is now the most-watched Super Bowl Halftime Show in history, averaging 129.3 million viewers.

But the NFL isn’t the only entity celebrating success as Apple Music saw Usher’s listeners increase to an astonishing level of 1,200% compared to the previous Sunday, marking his biggest day in history by streams.

“My Boo” saw a 738% increase in listeners, “Confessions, Pt. II” jumped by 1,800 listeners, “Love in This Club” saw one of the biggest rise in listenership of the night at 2,000%, while, “OMG” and ‘Burn” also saw incredible upticks in the United States charts.

But ‘Yeah!’ takes the cake as the big winner, as it experienced the biggest day in Apple Music history for the song, with an 837% boost in listeners Sunday night.

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Kaskade Replacing Tiësto as Super Bowl’s First In-Game DJ




Grammy-winning DJ Tiësto dropped out of performing at the upcoming Super Bowl due to a family emergency, according to an official announcement that was issued on Thursday on social media.

“A personal family emergency is forcing me to return home Sunday morning,” Tiësto officially wrote in the social media post. “It was a tough decision to miss the game, but family always comes first.”

In a joint announcement with the NFL on Instagram it was announced that Kaskade would not only replace Tiesto, but will become the first in-game DJ at the Super Bowl.

“As a kid who grew up in Chicago watching the Super Bowl every year with my family this chance to actually be part of it is absolutely mind blowing,” Kaskade wrote on Instagram. “Las Vegas has been my second home for the past decade, as an architect of creating a landscape that includes House and Dance Music residencies as part of its destination. To be able to be the first Electronic Musician to be part of the full game experience of the Super Bowl held in Las Vegas seems like coming home, and I’m beyond excited to represent my community.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, DJ Tiësto was set to perform as the Super Bowl DJ and was scheduled to play a set during the players’  pre-game warm-ups in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, as well as spin music during featured breaks within the Super Bowl game.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Super Bowl LVIII!” Tiësto said when he was first announced to be a part of the Super Bowl lineup of entertainment.

Tiësto wrote that he and his team “have been preparing something truly special for months” stating he was “looking forward to working with them to deliver something incredible together in the future.”

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