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Facts You Need to Know About Fez Euphoria Star Angus Cloud

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fez euphoria

Cliffhangers have been around if television, and so have viewers who despise them. That’s why, when the Season 2 finale aired on HBO this past Sunday, June 16th, many fans were afraid they might not see the fate of two of their favorite characters resolved in the same episode. As it turns out, though, one character’s story ended in that episode and each level was resolve emotionally satisfyingly. So, for all of you Fez and Ashtray fans out there, you probably left the Season 2 finale of Euphoria with at least one question: What happens to fez Euphoria and Ashtray now? We are here to relay that information to you.

About Fez euphoria

why does angus cloud talk like that

As the show’s creator, Angus Cloud does a beautiful job of writing Fez’s character. For starters, Angus Cloud has mentioned that he speaks for all the characters – but not just with words. Angus Cloud could voice Fez because of how well he knows him. How old is Fez in Euphoria? He would be 19 years old because he was born in 1953. In one episode, we learn that Aphrodite was only three years old at birth! So, does Angus Cloud talk like that? Yes, as expected from someone who writes dialog for a living.

His narration style is written in such a way as to engage readers of different ages in understanding the story. What I find unique about his narration style is how it sounds like he spoke for every character even though he doesn’t have dialogue for them. His narration helps us see how a person might think and feel about certain events happening in their life. The end of season 2 provided closure on two major plot points: the fate of Fez for euphoria after the attack on the base and what happened to Ashtray after she left.

Did Fez die in the Euphoria Season 2 finale?

how old is fez in euphoria

Despite not looking like fez Euphoria die in the Season 2 but he is in a terrible state of health. While destroying Custer’s phone in a full Big Gulp cup, Fez’s first reaction, with authorities on its way, was to take the fall for Ashtray. He struck Ash in the face, put Ash’s murder weapon knife in his hand, and told him to turn himself in. Then we see Detective Angus Cloud’s long, slow-motion sequence investigating the crime scene as Fes is behind bars. Cloud means his Angus cloud voice that he will admit what happened. And when Angus is given an update about how Fez does not want to make a statement.

Angus says he will admit what happen. Then said he felt terrible and had never seen anything like this before in his life (presumably referring to all the corruption). The episode ends with Detective Cloud being told they need more evidence because even though they believe Ash’s story, they need proof. How old is Fez in Euphoria? In a recent interview with Refinery29, Zendaya revealed that she would play 16-year-old Rueben Rue Taylor. One can assume that at least ten years have passed since Rueben started filming Euphoria.

Other observations about the characters

fez from euphorias

It was so fitting that the fate of Fez and Ashtray’s storyline should be settled in the Season 2 finale. In some ways, it felt like we had been waiting an eternity for this episode; but with a conclusion entitled Of Sinners and Saints. There was no need to wonder if our perseverance would be rewarded. The show’s creators manage to give fans what they wanted while also letting the characters grow organically. After ten episodes of not knowing where these storylines were going, many questions were answer (though new ones emerge).

Leaving us to anticipate eagerly the possibility of more in seasons to come. Unlike other television shows today, this finale has provided closure without sealing off any opportunities for future episodes or seasons. Suggesting potential for further drama in future installments. The fact that Angus Cloud  interview speaks as though he’s never done anything else is fascinating. And the ability to express his thoughts through such unique speech patterns adds another dimension to this character.

Fez plays in Euphoria

fez from euphoria

Is Angus Cloud talking like that? How old is Fez in Euphoria? And how did he meet Ashtray? The finale of season 2 answered all these questions, leaving me satisfied. I don’t know if we’ll see more of Fez and Ashtray, but the series has ended on a high note for now. The very first episode of Euphoria had Angus Cloud’s voice acting as Fez. Who think is his character since they are never seen together. However, there’s been some debate over whether it’s another character playing him in later episodes.

If you’re interested in what the show is about before you watch it (so spoilers). Here’s a brief synopsis from Wikipedia: Euphoria follows 17-year-old Rue Bennett (Zendaya) as she enters her senior year at an elite New England boarding school. The show will return for its third summer season with new characters and storylines. But, for now, Fez and Ashtray fans can sleep soundly knowing that their fate was settled by the end of season two.

Was fez euphoria supposed to be euphoric?

fez euphoria actor

Much like many seasons in the past. The episode was meant to see old friends reunite, bicker amongst themselves. Enjoy one another’s company, and savor time spent with loved ones. Whether they’d all return again was never a given, but if they did come back together at some point in the future of fiangusIt would as though there have no time lost between then and now along with; what are friendships? But Angus knows how to keep their spirits up. Which is precisely what this show has done for over two decades. It entertained us, made us laugh when we needed it most. And showed us how strong true friendship could be. For those of you who wanted more, do not fret. Angus has already begun working on a new sitcom.

Is Euphoria killing off Fez?

fez actor euphoria

The most famous comebacks have been comedy series like Arrested Development or The Office, they were comedy series. It means no one’s death was in question by viewers. Well, now we know what it feels like to be uncertain about whether a character lives or dies for once. And I’m not talking about Angie; I’m talking about Fez euphoria actor. He take his own life at the end of season two. But there are hints that he might not be dead yet. After all, the episode is called Euphoria Settle. Which sounds like someone getting off probation (like Harry Potter when he got out of Voldemort’s clutches).

So maybe even though you saw him lying lifeless on the ground. This could still be part of his suicide plan? It could also just mean that finally, everything has settled down in their lives and things feel calm and less chaotic. So as much as it sucks to think about how many people died in this show during its first season—and then again during its second. At least they had a sense of peace before they pass away. Either way, it seems as if the show has something up its sleeve regarding fez euphoria fate.

Did they change Fez’s age in Euphoria?

euphoria fez

When the second season of HBO’s Euphoria wrap up. Fans were left with many unanswered questions. We all knew the show wasn’t done after just ten episodes. Season 3 is coming but when? And would this new batch of episodes include a significant change to one of our favorite characters? We’ve got some answers about what will happen next for Fez and Ashtray. The timeline on the return date for Season 3 is still not yet confirm. At this point, it could be days, weeks, or months before new episodes drop into your inbox. So in the meantime, what can we expect from Fez and Ashtray?

Will they end up being more than friends? The story might reveal that Angus does talk like that and always has. On the other hand, the two guys have close friends for years now. So, who knows how things might evolve over? Unfortunately, we saw Ashtray do such crazy things as firing guns like crazy, stabbing a drug dealer in the neck. And feigning death before shooting a SWAT member in the chest. The last time we’ll likely see Ash is with the SWAT rifle’s laser pointer on his forehead. Let’s hope that fez euphoria, and all those around him, can adjust to the consequences of Season 3.

Final thoughts

does angus cloud talk like that

In the end, it all came together. The finale did a great job of following up on old storylines while balancing them with new, fresh drama. You were watching two shows in one! It is where a show can either go wrong or end on a high note. Luckily for fans, they got an ending that gave closure to Fez and Ashtray’s storylines. Angus has an odd speech pattern when he gets outraged. Which would explain why he was screaming at Talia from across the room like he was reading her lips.

Thought they had way more chemistry than she did with Gideon. Plenty of other characters could benefit from getting their own spinoff if you’re worry about overdoing Fez Euphoria. Like Baxter, maybe? Or Daisy? And what about Roy? It would be awesome to see him fall for someone who isn’t Ava. But then get his heart broken again because she still has feelings for Gideon. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what next season brings us. Because there’s no doubt in my mind that fez euphoria will be back!

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