September 24, 2023

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Dab Pens: Health Risks

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What Exactly Are Dabs?

A “dab” is essentially a mix of highly concentrated THC and butane hash oil. Dabs are made using a chemical procedure that extracts cannabis oils. Butane is poured over marijuana, causing the THC to break down into butane. As a result, sticky, wax-like material is formed. Dabs, also known as wax, amber, honeycomb, shatter, and budder, can be eaten in various ways, including dab pens.

What Exactly Is A Dab Pen?

A dab pen is a tiny pen-shaped piece of technology known as a vape or vape pen. Dab pens are made by placing dabs’ oil into a small cartridge. Typically, these cannabis oils are artificially flavoured.

Why Do People Use Dab Pens?

As previously said, individuals mainly utilise dabs pens due to their ease and elegant design. However, there are several additional reasons why individuals prefer dab pens to conventional marijuana.

To begin with, dab pens do not emit any odours or smoke. Individuals may potentially use dab pens in public without being detected or chastised. They are also incredibly easy to store and conceal, making them a popular item among teens and students attempting to conceal their drug usage.

Smoking Dab Pens Have Side Effects

While dab pens have their advantages, they also have their drawbacks. When you smoke a dab pen, you never know precisely what you’re eating. The oil in these cartridges may include unidentified chemicals and contaminants that might cause significant health problems. Dab pens may also produce adverse effects during or after usage. Rapid heartbeat, potential blackouts, a crawling sensation in the skin, and paranoia are all symptoms.

Is Using Dab Pens Dangerous?

Yes, dab pens may be hazardous. Because they contain more THC than regular marijuana, they are more likely to produce tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. Dab pens may potentially raise a person’s risk of acquiring respiratory diseases.

However, there is a particular insufficient study to determine if dab pens are safe or harmful to use. Individuals should avoid utilising dab pens or seek alternatives due to a lack of research.

Dab Pen Alternatives

Many people who use dab pens may be unable to ingest marijuana legally. Traditional marijuana, on the other hand, may be a better option for people who use dab pens as a kind of treatment or medication. Patients who use conventional cannabis have a better grasp of what is going into their bodies.

There are no other options to dab pens at the moment. However, additional study is being conducted to discover more about the impacts of cannabis and other marijuana products.

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