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Christian Stracke: Bio, Net Worth, Family, Career, and More

christian stracke

Christian Stracke is the co-founder of Stracke Capital Management and was previously Vice President at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. He has served as multiple hedge fund’s chief investment officers and managed over 10 billion dollars in assets. Christian stracke net worth is estimated to be $2 billion. In addition, Christian Stracke, the son of late televangelist Ernest Stracke, has built an empire of his own in television and business media. In fact, according to Forbes, Stracke’s net worth has recently shot up to $3 billion, up from $1 billion just last year. What’s more? Stracke now lives in one of the most luxurious homes with his wife and children! Read on to find out everything you want about Christian Stracke’s bio!

Christian Stracke biography

sutton stracke husband

Christian Stracke is a German businessman. Beverly Hills is real Housewives of Sutton Stracke. The couple has three children together. Christian met Sutton in New York during a business trip. Sutton was studying architecture at Parsons School of Design. Christian says I first saw her walking down Lexington Avenue on her way to class. I thought she looked like Brigitte Bardot! He approached her a few weeks later at Les Deux Magots on Madison Avenue, where he’d spied her eating lunch alone.

A few months later, he bought a one-way ticket from Germany to New York so they could go out on their first date together. He moved back to Los Angeles after they married, and they purchased two homes there – in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills. Which are still both currently residences for their children after their divorce. He’s the founder and chairman of Suterra Holding, a company that recycles waste into valuable products. Sutton Stracke helps charity event that raises money for humanitarian aid for refugees living in Sudan’s Darfur region. In addition, Christian founded Terrawave International, an engineering firm that designs industrial cooling towers used by power plants worldwide to keep the electricity running efficiently while minimizing emissions.

Early life

Christian Stracke is a businessman and manager from Augusta, United States. He is the only child of his parents, who divorced when he was two years old. His mother remarried when he was five, and he has three half-siblings from her second marriage. Christian’s father passed away when he was a teenager. Christian and his siblings grew up in Augusta. He attended Davidson Fine Arts High School in Augusta, Georgia, and later went to study at the University of Chicago. Although he graduates from university in the 90s and received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, he continues his education several years later.

He studied economics and management there, earning a PhD degree. He returns to Germany for employment with McKinsey & Company for six years as an associate consultant. Christian Stracke married Sutton Stracke, an American by birth, but she spent most of her life in Europe. They had their first child together – Emma Jayne Ragnhild Palleflekkstræde, who will be 18 this year! Their second daughter Adelaide Elizabeth Olga Margrethe Palleflekkstræde, come along, who will be 16 this year! The couple split up after ten years of marriage. Christian Stracke announce that he would start living with Astrid Fuhrer, who was 26 years old. He is also a German national who worked for McKinsey before moving to America and working for Google in California.

Career beginnings

sutton stracke ex husband

In the early stages of his career, Christian starts his professional life early. After he graduated from college, he volunteered with the Peace Corps in Mauritania at the edge of the Sahara Desert. Upon returning to America, he began to work in the financial sector. Initially, Stracke worked as a senior credit strategist at CreditSights. Then he became the head of Latin America’s fixed-income strategy at Commerzbank Securities. Furthermore, he held another role at Deutsche Bank as head of Latin America’s local markets strategy.

In short, the couple met while attending Harvard University together, receiving their MBA degrees. They have three children together (two daughters and one son). Sutton also attended Stanford University for her undergraduate degree before receiving her law degree from Columbia Law School. She currently works as an executive director at Makena Capital Management LLC. Sutton Stracke is a managing partner at Praxis Trading Group. When not working or caring for her children, she enjoys travelling the world and reading novels.

Pacific Investment Management Company

PIMCO is an investment management firm providing solutions for institutions, financial professionals and millions of individuals worldwide, added Christian to its team. Christian became the managing director in the company’s Newport Beach office. Furthermore, PIMCO promoted Christian as the global head of the company’s credit research group. His work in the credit research group is to cover all levels of the debt capital structure for targeted financial industries. Stracke also has other positions in the company, including senior portfolio manager and member of several investment committees at PIMCO’s alternative credit and private strategies platform.

Besides his portfolio management responsibilities, Christian Stracke also sits on the company’s Executive Committee. In addition, he is a board member of Citigroup Inc., McKinsey & Co., Zalando SE and King’s College London. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for University College London. Sutton Stracke- husband, Sutton Stracke- ex-spouse who is King’s College London Board of Trustees? Christian Stracke married Sutton Stracke in Los Angeles.

Wife and children

why did sutton get divorced

Christian and Sutton Stracke were married at the Central Presbyterian Church in New York. The couple became long-term friends. Christian and Sutton Stracke studied at the Davidson Fine Arts High School in Augusta. Christian Stracke and Sutton Stracke enjoyed 17 years of marriage. They welcomed three children, daughter Porter Stracke, sons Philip Stracke and James Stracke. Unfortunately, Christian and Sutton divorced. Why did Sutton get divorced? Christian filed for divorce on Sutton’s birthday and finalized the process. After the divorce became final.

Christian gave his ex-wife more than $2 million in cash, home, vehicles, artwork, and investment properties. And other assets. Furthermore, Christian agreed to pay Sutton $300,000 per month in spousal support until her marital status changes or one of them dies. In return, Sutton relinquished all claims against him. It is unclear why Christian Stracke got a divorce from his wife Sutton, but it was finalized on her birthday. After a settlement was reached between the two parties, Christian had to give his ex-spouse many things, including cash, houses, cars, artworks, investment properties and more!

Christian Stracke’s Net Worth

In 1990, Christian comes in the financial industry, amassing a great deal of experience over the last two and a half decades. Christian is currently the managing director of PIMCO and global head of PIMCO’s credit research group. The firm has more than $2.2 trillion worth of assets under management. Furthermore, Christian Stracke’s businesses include two minor league baseball teams and a timber company. Christian and his wife pay $7 million for a home in Bel Air. However, he gave up the house after divorcing his wife.

His wife listed the home for sale for $9 million but accepted $7.7 million. Stracke’s net worth remains unknown. His net worth falls in the $30-50 million range. Christian had three children with Sutton Stracke, who was his ex-spouse. Two of them are sons, one named Christian Jr. and the other name Maximilian. The third child is a daughter named Kaya Lynn. One final note about this story is that both sutton stracke husband   were arrested on suspicion of violating California Penal Code 273a against their daughter Kaya Lynn.

Christian Stracke fast facts

sutton stracke divorce settlement

Since Stracke is a private person, the logical assumption is that he is still divorced. What baseball team does Christian Stracke own? In addition to owning two minor league baseball teams, Mr Stracke also makes monthly payments in spousal support. He will pay his ex-wife $300,000 in spousal support if she remains unmarried or dies. Does Christian Stracke appear in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Unfortunately, he does not feature anywhere in the series apart from a few mentions from his ex-wife, Sutton Stracke.

What is Sutton Stracke’s net worth? Sutton Stracke the ex-wife of Christian, has an estimated net worth of $50 million. How many languages does Christian Stracke speak? His LinkedIn profile shows he speaks German and English. Christian Stracke is an American businessman, portfolio manager, and entrepreneur. He is the current managing director of PIMCO and the global head of PIMCO’s credit research group. However, he is widely famous as the sutton stracke ex husband, a socialite, reality TV star, and member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


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