September 24, 2023

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Enhancing Comprehension Skills

A resume is the Kickstarter to your dream career. Needless to say, a resume can make or break your next professional aspiration. Unfortunately, although the ‘term’ resume abounds our daily lexicon, many people find it challenging to master the craft of creating a resume. For instance, a study reveals that 84 percent of resumes are rejected because of impersonal tone. It is in such a context that people resort to an online resume builder. In this article, we will attempt to answer the impending question of whether or not a tool from an online resume builder site is worth the hype.


A resume builder is a tool that allows you to draft professional-looking resumes that are printable and downloadable, and you can send them to potential employers. The unique part of a resume builder is that it is constantly updated about the ever-changing best practices of resume making. Therefore, you do not have to remain abreast of the latest occurrences of the resume world at times. In addition, resume builders come with various pre-made templates that you can pick for your industry and profession. The comprehensibility, intuitiveness, and quick pace of resume builders are what make them popular among the masses. They take all the guesswork out of the entire process of CV generation and help people grab their desired job. Moreover, it is essential to mention that online resume builders have benefitted many people, hence, their veritable popularity.

However, the popularity and ubiquity of online resume builders do not necessarily imply that they are tools everyone should opt for! We should remember that ‘all those glitters are not gold’ and take our decisions of professional importance with the utmost care, thought, and sincerity. So, if you are wondering whether you should take the manual route to create your resume or depend on an AI-generated high-tech tool, read ahead!


  1. Minimal Technical Knowledge Required – An online resume builder allows you to upload information directly from a Word document or enter it manually. You do not have to fret about formatting your resume or the nitty-gritty of coding.
  2. You No Longer Have to Update Your CV – People with a long list of work experiences and skills can utilize a resume builder to have all the relevant information in one place. Thus, there will not be any requirement to recall what to write when applying for a new position. In addition, a resume builder enables users to maintain a master CV followed by multiple resumes so that they can update a document as and when required.
  3. Resume Builders are Low Maintenance – The interface of resume-building tools is simple and easy to use. You do not have to be a technology geek to co-opt a resume builder online competently. The best part is that the tool ensures you do not have to start the creation process from scratch.
  4. Provides Consistency to Your CV – With an online resume builder, you do not have to spend hours making it look sleek, consistent, and structured. Instead, the tool automatically ensures that your information is presented cohesively and that the ultimate outcome looks consistent.
  5. Customizable Templates – In almost all online resume builder sites, you can find specific templates that are customizable vis-à-vis fonts and colors. You even get to choose formats and styles compatible with certain industries.
  6. Ordering Your Skills Become Easier- An online resume builder helps users prioritize their skills as per the industry and, thus, ace the job selection process. It uses industry-standard samples to give you an idea of how your resume ought to look so that the most relevant information does not go unnoticed by the recruiter at any cost.
  7. Comes with a Keyword Set – One of the most pertinent merits of using an online resume builder is that it comes with a set of keywords applicable to the vacancy or the industry you are applying for. In case you are unaware, up to three-fourths of large companies use an Application Testing System (ATS) to screen resumes for keywords. Thus, the skillful incorporation of industry-relevant keywords is pivotal to helping your resume clear through the ATS, and an online resume builder comes in handy in such a situation.

So, there we have it, the top seven benefits of opting for an online resume builder.

Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, an online resume builder is a fast solution to having a good resume. They are optimal for people who are absolutely new to resume building and need some handholding. But, the critical consideration is to take the assistance of a reliable and adept online resume builder to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Lastly, whether you are taking the manual route or using a tool, do not forget to spend some quality time creating your career document and make sure to preserve its

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